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On the super shiny 4k tier, you can add 2 people. I pay the full price for Netflix, so that’s why (for me) there’s no difference if the others leave, or stay. For them, they’d make a huge saving of £5 for the additional access, on the same tier. TBF, I’d probs offset it to be £10 to each of them, because they’re getting an awesome deal, compared to me :joy:

But we’ll see if they get kicked out, and will keep people posted on if it happens.

I’d rather they offer a reduced price 4k one, where I can watch it on less simultaneous screens, or not download or whatever. :person_shrugging: But hey-ho.

Like this you mean?


Not sure that’s a comparison…

But sure, just like that - which our government should work better to close the loophole around. You can’t get mad at Netflix not paying tax when they’re paying what’s expected of them… Just like I don’t get mad at people for not paying UK Netflix prices - but then those same people can’t get mad when the loophole is closed. :smiley:

Want Netflix to pay more tax? Elect governments that will enforce that :man_shrugging:


Shots fired.


And from blockbuster too


Except it really…. Isn’t, well, not for YT premium that I use anyway (when it works, it doesn’t always)

I feel it’s a fair price for the content. This is coming from a person that happily :pirate_flag:

If we could have the full Netflix catalogue from every country all at once, then £15 a month, I’d happily pay

It’s not a good reason to pirate but I hate having to sometimes wait months for a show to come to the UK, though that is happening less and less these days

You’d think it would be in everyone’s best interest to have everything available to everyone regardless of what country they are in as the studios that make the content only seem to care about how many people view it? At least that’s all I see in the tabloids. “Oh X show got 4.4 million views on episode 1”

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And that incarnation of Blockbuster went bust right? Partly because of Netflix.

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They didn’t mind who you shared their single DVD with. As opposed to the whole content of their store!

Beside the fact that their tweet is literally in the past tense, it’s not even remotely comparable.

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You didnt need to share their copy because you took one of your own :upside_down_face: