Nested/Grouped Pots

As I am using pots more and more they are becoming a bit unsightly and taking up too much space in the app. It would be great if we could nest pots within other pots which we can then ‘minimise’ or ‘expand’. When creating a new pot you can set a ‘parent pot’ which it is created under.

For example a holiday pot could be clicked on or expanded to show that it is actually the aggregate total of 4 different holiday pots for different holidays.

A few examples grouped/nested pots;
New Gadgets

  • New Phone
  • New Laptop


  • Portugal (September 2020)
  • Australia (2021)

Household Bills

  • Rent
  • Water
  • Internet

Personally, I would just use the hide feature for pots I do not need to keep looking at or accessing.

Then again, I do :grin:

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I absolutely agree. I think it’s been discussed here: Pots within a Pot (Savings or Normal) / nested pots go and add your vote! :blush:

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