Need help with changing PO box address

I signed up with Monzo app and I completed all my info 2 days ago. But now I need to change my delivery PO address and my address info due to COVID-19 reasons, but I can’t login to my account, view my account information or chat with your help Center.

There are no buttons except the card Activation button.
The app shows only this :

What shall I do?! Please advise, or the card will be lost in mail.

Also, I would like to ask you about the card delivery package or letter size?! And if it need a signature or not?

Can I get the card 16-digits by calling Monzo service directly if I couldn’t reach the PO box or forward the card due to lockdown?

it looks like its too late to change the address now, if will be in the mail already

Been a while since I got my card, but was standard letter size, maybe 1cm thick, I don’t recall it requiring a signature(although that’s not done now due to covid anyway)

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I doubt they will give you the card number, the delivery process is probably part of the security(it’s proof you can receive mail at the address, prevents id theft)

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  • Cards do not require a signature.
  • They come in a standard rectangular sized envelope
  • You need to call or email Monzo and they will change your address
  • They will then post you a new card
  • They can give you certain account details such as account no, while you’re waiting.

I wouldn’t worry about your card getting lost in the mail, nothing can be done with it because it isn’t activated :slight_smile:

Hope this answers all your questions


Thank you :blush: