Need help to automate the emptying of coin jar when Moneybox takes round up funds

I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but wasn’t sure where to put it.

So, Moneybox withdraws the value of my round-ups each week from my Monzo account. I also use the coin jar feature within Monzo in order to ensure that money is always set aside for that withdrawal.

What I would like to do is automate the process of emptying the entire contents of the coin jar back into the main account keyed either on the payment to Moneybox itself or at a time just before the Moneybox payment.

I know I can put a set amount of money back into the main account from my coin jar using IFTTT, or the new in app features for this.

If I recall correctly when playing about with IFTTT trying to figure this out, I could do it on the value of a payment, however that only works for card payments and not DDs which this is.

But is it possible to just entirely empty the pot back into the main account automatically?

If you made an IFTTT to transfer staggered amounts, £15 at midnight, £10 at 1am, £5 at 2am, £2 at 3am, £1 at 4am. Those should pretty much empty the coin jar and just fail if the pot is already empty.

It might spam your feed with a load of IFTTT failed though :frowning:

Hmm, yh that probably would serve the purpose. Not ideal though due to the spam you mentioned :frowning: