NatWest Housemates App

Anyone seen this? Not sure how new this is (even though not launched yet):


Looks interesting, not heard about it before seeing your post

Neither had I.

I only came across it while complaining about how NatWest show transfers (no names, only references) so I couldnโ€™t see which of my housemates had transferred me money and they said โ€œbut we will have this app soonโ€.


Well that rules out NatWest as a potential bricks & mortar / second bank for me. Seems a weird ommision.

On the Housemates app - itโ€™s not clear to me if connecting to a bank via open banking is a necessity to use the app or if itโ€™s an optional part of it. If the former I think they might struggle to get groups to use it.

It surprised me. Apparently it will eventually appear :man_shrugging:t2:

Wait, so NW take a couple of days to add the payee name to your feed? Can you check if this is indeed the case with previous payments?

So looking at the first payment, which I got yesterday around 17:00 which initially was just the reference and not the name, it now has changed to the name of the person with the reference in the details.

I got another payment at about 19:13 and that still shows up as the reference and not the name.