NatWest experience

What link did you use? How odd

Went in via the current account link

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Aaaaand it’s down for the day. Great stuff. Will try again tomorrow and post screenshots


I think at this point, it’s just mocking you, it’ll still let me go through the process. I don’t think it likes you.

It clearly doesn’t… I wonder if saying I used to be a customer affects it.


If you click you used to be a NatWest customer, you get an older form which is down for maintenance after 9.30ish and is very thorough. If you go as a new customer, you get a more modern looking form. That said, I don’t want NatWest to claim I lied on the application form…


I doubt they’d be that bothered tbf, pretty sure when I opened an account again I just went through the new customer option. It linked my old customer number from that afterwards.


If you haven’t used them for a few years at least then you can fairly claim to be a new customer, I think.

If they later raise the fact that you were once a customer just say you’d forgotten (plausible) and that will be it.

Looks strange…

It allows you to add in business accounts, from memory that’s a different app which they sit under. So this allows personal customers to at least add in an overview of a business account.

Business accounts are under the same app at the NatWest group. If you have one, there is just a tab at the top of the app to switch between personal and business view. Barclays work the same way. Lloyds group use entirely separate apps.

As for the “other banks” thing, I have always assumed this is just an oversight because they share the exact same code across the NatWest group. So if you are in the RBS app, and are also a NatWest customer, you might want to add NatWest as an “other bank” account. The reverse could also be true, so to keep it simple they have kept in all the brands all the time. They could always have customised the code, but what would be the point - it would add complexity and make the feature more resource-intensive to maintain.


Just opened a 2nd current account, as they don’t have a pots system. Going to use this one to move all my spare money to, so anything that’s not needed in the main account for my DD’s

I find myself checking mid month to see what’s still going out and what’s spare to be spent. Save me a few minutes working it out. Not sure why it’s taken me a year to get around to this :rofl:

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I went on the chat and they said I could go with that option, but ended up just not bothering.

However, the other onboarding flow resulted in a hard search despite not fully submitting my application. I will have another look at the process and if there’s no explicit warning that I missed, I’ll raise a complaint

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Complaint submitted, now to wait 10 days… Curious to see what they say.

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Interesting that this affected NatWest customers only, not RBS or Ulster Bank - despite their largely shared computer systems.

Sometimes it pays to be a customer of a minor brand!

Got the new style MasterCard card provided with the newest account I’ve opened. Assuming my older current account will get replaced by it at some point when they get around to it.

How it displays in GooglePay


Awful :sweat_smile:

Weirdly, I quite like it