Natwest experience

(dragosM) #21

I fully understand you pain @RyanKirk as I have used in the past NatWest for a year and I can truly say their internet banking and mobile app are the works I have used (and I have experienced banks from 3 countries now, Wester and Eastern Europe). Their system is very slow and I never fully understood what is the amount of money I actually have as usually payments too even 3 days to appear on my balance. I have since moved away from them and I am so happy.

Nevertheless, I see that Monzo is using them for international Euro payments. Very interesting to see how that goes:

NatWest is currently our correspondent bank. This means that payments to Monzo from other European banks in Euro get to us via NatWest.

But even the Monzo team is skeptical as they actually recommend TransferWize

Whilst we work to add the ability to send and receive international payments “natively”, through the app, we’d recommend using TransferWise for your international payments.

(Dave Berry) #22

Haven’t used a chequebook for years, but need to get a copy of some deeds from the Land Registry, can’t write a cheque so I’ll have to get a postal order! A postal order!!

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #23

Wooooaaahhh! Don’t think I’ve ever used one of those either :laughing:


Can’t they just send you a link? :mondo:

(Ryan Kirk) #25

So I received a letter today from the Natwest Fraud Operations. Obviously deeply concerned, I phoned the number. Received a very disinterested lady who asked if I had opened up a bank account recently.
All she then told me was to take my documents to a branch to verify I am who I say I am.

Just a bit of a ridiculous process really (I get security is important and don’t take that away from the situation!) so the account switch is already in progress!

(Maurice Browne ) #26

My parents have had a NatWest account for years. Since my dad passed away, I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with them over the phone and in branch. Their lack of customer care is shocking.


Seen in my local branch recently when I went in to close my accounts.

(Michael) #28

Went in with my partner on Friday wanting to cut down their overdraft. Turns out that by saying “can I cancel my overdraft completely” you end up getting asked “why?” and “maybe you should keep it for now it’s interest free” or being told to “reduce it to just £250 and keep that”.

Ultimately the problem was that my partner can’t reduce the overdraft below £250 online, and even when going to the branch the person we spoke to was refusing to remove it completely.

Needless to say, the CASS move to Monzo is in process currently.

(Charlie) #29

Natwest have marked my account as in default despite me sticking with my agreed repayment plan.

I sent a complaint 10 weeks ago and still have no reply, their online team said that the complaints team has my complaint and will contact me.

Unfortunately for them this is past the 8 week requirement so I have escalated it to the financial ombudsman who will hopefully sort it :roll_eyes:

Natwest was a pain to setup I remember but their app is honestly one of the better legacy bank ones around.

(P Burrows) #30

It’s not difficult at all. I felt a bit bad the lady I spoke to was lovely. She just processed the request for the £100 to be paid into my new account and that was it

(Stephen Curtis) #31

I’ve been a NatWest customer as my main account and billing account for about 20 years. Having recently opened a Monzo account and seeing what was on offer, I can now see NatWest are definitely quite a way behind technologically. The ONLY reason I’ve not fully migrated to Monzo is the NatWest reward scheme you referred to. I know this is something Monzo is interested in doing so maybe I’ll completely move over at some point and I’m super keen to do so.

To be fair, I haven’t had any issues with NatWest as a bank but have never had need to test out their customer services etc so cannot really comment on that side of things.