NatWest experience

Says it all really.

Some people seem to be very disappointed that Brexit didn’t put an end to all of the things which frighten them, like foreigners and people that are different in their eyes. I don’t know why they thought it would in the first place :rofl:


It’s the people who throw the ‘snowflake’ insult round first who always seem to be most triggered by things which affect them in absolutely no way.


Why do people care so much about what a company is doing for their staff? NatWest aren’t requiring their customers to do anything. I just don’t understand the anger…


Because People Who Go Puce®, whilst it’s all “freedom of speech, thoughts my own” on Twitter, don’t like to extend that courtesy to others with things they disagree with.

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So glad to see other banks doing this :clap:

From talking to people (outside of Monzo) it’s very much been a case of:

  • “I am scared to come out”
  • Company introduces trans healthcare / other things even though very, very few employees are publicly trans (at one company it was 0, but I knew people there who are trans)
  • People come out and are very happy

I just saw this advert, it must be a new thing

NatWest have now broken into the BNPL market, offering one months, extra interest, free over Monzo flex


They’ve had it for a few months now, has anyone tried it here? Be interested to see how it compares to flex

You’re a few months behind :eyes::joy::sob:


There is a chance that I did comment on that thread, but I forgot that I commented on the thread. It just came back to me because I saw the advert. I don’t see the advert as much as I see the Monzo flex advert.

In fact, I have found that said comment

Big oopsie


Seems to have a high bar for applications as it doesn’t even give me the option to apply, and my credit scores are either excellent or maxed out.

Sounds better than Flex to me as doesn’t have an upfront payment, just sends statements like a credit card, and is spread out over 4 months instead of essentially 2 months, as well as not being tied to being paid back from a specific account.


You’re not alone, but I don’t have my salary paid in to my NatWest account


It’s almost as if the agencies that make up your credit score number still have no idea what the acceptance criteria are for the actual lenders :thinking::rofl:


Yeah same message I get. I had 2 credit cards with them and wondered if that was limiting it (as you can only have 2x credit products with them), closed it as I didn’t use it anyway and didn’t change. It doesn’t say anything specific about requirements on the site, but they said they have strict checks before you even apply.


Sure, but even the lenders don’t tell you what the criteria are. It has the credit score feature in the app so I presume they have that available cached somewhere, not sure what other criteria they’d have before even pulling a credit report. Most other products I’ve ever seen either say you need to have X salary or Y bank account first, this just says £10k income, have a current account and not already have BNPL from them. Beyond that is a mystery. I’d understand more being rejected after actually applying.

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I wonder if that’s a legal thing as Monzo are “transparent” but they don’t tell you the loan criteria exactly either

I am quite sure it’s not doing any sort of network request when you go to that page as it’s instant, so I think it’s using local data. I get a similar message on the overdraft page, which makes sense as I only have £33 in the current account. So maybe it does need your salary to be going though it, or at least more than £33 :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll funnel some money through it and see if it changes over time.


Let us know the outcome

I thought the same thing. I change banks for fun at this point (I have about 16 current accounts across 7 banks) but have started to put everything through NatWest to see if I meet the criteria. Not sure how they work it out though. They give me a 15.2% Personalised Rate for a loan whereas Nationwide give me 2.9% so it’s all up in the air lol.


Strange one today. I think it’s NatWest trying to tell me I’ve got an upcoming payment for Monday.

I must admit it did confuse me for a second, and I worked it out. It’s clever enough to work out that it would normally be due on the first.

But not enough to work out that it’s a Saturday and won’t go till Monday.

Also, no showing of it in app either.

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