NatWest experience

Update on this – complaint upheld and they’ll remove my hard search and see if they can make it clearer at what step in the process the hard search will be carried out :+1:


NatWest Buy Now Pay Later has gone live


4 months interest free is pretty good.

Pay off extra or in full any time.

£1,000 max credit limit, subject to status.


Virtual card too :eyes:

Anyone been approved yet? I don’t have NatWest, holding out for a switch offer :joy:


Has anyone got the finger print card, if so does it work without issues?

I’m not with NatWest so unsure how common they’re. Just find it pretty cool.

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Use for purchases over £50 (max. credit limit £1,000)

Good idea, but I can’t use it to buy my next iPhone

Very few HNW customers, probably. Given that there have been no news about it since, it either doesn’t work or is not worth it; especially with the emergence of mobile wallets and increased contactless limits.

And even if the fingerprint reader works twice as well as on my laptop, it would still decline at least half the time. What would happen then? Your card is blocked?


This looks good — hope it will make its way to RBS too eventually

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The 4 month period is decent tbf, not having to pay the 1st payment straight away will be seen as a bonus to some people.

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Those are the main upsides I see to it vs Flex; with the limit being a downside.

I don’t have a Biometric debit card. more useful for the older generation these days, I don’t carry my wallet at all, It will bite me in the ass one day, but it means I’m not lying when I say I don’t have any money on me when the homeless ask for it

Limit I don’t see as an issue, they’ll be wanting to see how it plays out with their other products (credit cards). Way I see it, for bigger purchases customers can just use a CC instead.


The basic one maybe. :sweat_smile:

It looks like it’s solely a credit card, interest free, pay over 4 months.

Didn’t see anything on section 75, though wasn’t looking too far through it.

I’m aware of what it is, I’m saying for a bigger limit they’ll be watching how it plays out against their actual credit card offerings. If customers need bigger limits then for now they’ll either go for an actual standard credit card offering, a loan or another provider.

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Probably testing the waters first before going big.

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The NatWest BNPL is a no go for me, as foreign currency transactions are excluded. Looks like a Domestic only product.

I think it more refers to buying currency as foreign exchange shops will come under money exchange or similar.

I don’t think purchasing in a different currency is a problem.

But is there an fx markup? Or is it none?