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I would be really surprised if NatWest built pots/spaces functionality, much less allowing bills to be paid from them.

I suspect it would be quite a lot of work to introduce, especially as the bulk of their operations appear batch based. They just appear quite good at largely masking that side of their operation.

They could likely do It Chase style i.e. multiple accounts. Not as simple to do It Monzo/Starling style with pots I suspect.

Whether they’d want to is a different question.

I doubt they’d change how their actual accounts work seeing as every one requires a hard search currently, even if you have several already. Changing that to be an instantly opened account like Chase would be a huge leap.

If there’s any legacy bank I could see adding pots it would be NatWest, but I still don’t see it happening.

You can already have multiple accounts with NatWest and you can pay out of them. I doubt they are as quick to setup as Chase or Pots/Spaces.

Before Pots and Spaces many people had a separate bills account, I’ve certainly done that in the past.

If NatWest were losing millions of customers because they didn’t have pots or spaces then I would imagine they might react, but they’re not. Sure Chase, Monzo and Starling are gaining customers but lots of people can’t be bothered to change banks.


That’s what I used to do, and with NatWest as it happened. I don’t bother now, but only because HSBCs balance after bills helps me keep on top of it.

While Monzo et al’s Bills pot is cool, I doubt for the majority of people they care all that much for any bank to bother doing similar.

Having said all of that I tend to agree, if any legacy bank was going to do it, Narwest group is probably where it’d be at.

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Many of us still do. For me, it’s much easier managing one account for all your bills together, instead of a separate pot/space for each one.

From what I’ve read on here and other forums, most people who join Chase only do so for the cashback. Without that they wouldn’t be gaining nearly so many customers.

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Yeah 100% and initially they did also have a beating interest rate but after truss most have better rates now.


Just a quick question. Does NatWest notify you when salary gets paid in? I’m sure they updated it at some point but not too sure. Thanks

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Payments in and out.


Got a refund due into my NatWest CC balance. The available and outstanding balance figures have updated to the correct amount incl the refund, but the transaction list doesn’t show it yet. How long does this normally take to update please? Thank you

Probably a day or two if those balances have updated.

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