Nationwide invests in tech (and general Nationwide feedback)

I just don’t think a lot of these features that other banks have matter to a lot of people. They don’t matter to me. I’m happy to use Nationwide as they are good at the basics. That’s all I really need from my bank/building society.

I really fell out with them as I had a child savings account originally opened with Portman Building Society, which got absorbed by Nationwide. Once it was Nationwide, I had reached the age of 18 and tried to access the money (so I could put it in a better interest account) and I simply couldn’t access it.

Their terrible technology meant it was branch-access only, they insisted on having the named adult there as well as me (which was not correct, it wasn’t an account in trust for me - I was the named individual on the account), they wouldn’t accept various forms of ID - I had never moved house and had a valid passport and provisional driving license, which matched the details on my birth certificate and everything else, so this should not have been an issue.

I eventually managed to close the account, and the only way to get the closing balance out was by cheque. It was all just so ridiculous.

I left them after that and felt great about it, but went back a while ago for the 5% Flexdirect account. I only used it as a savings account though. I have kept the account since to qualify for a Member Credit card, which I use only abroad where Mastercard isn’t accepted.

I’m not trying to argue with you, as you are entitled to your opinion, of course, but I think the point of many of us is that we don’t perceive them to be good at the basics at all. In fact, I find them sorely lacking for the basics and when you add in the fact that their technology is bad it makes them a no-go for me.

My current impression of them is that they are for people who like unapologetically “branch-based” banking, and that’s not me. I also continue to be annoyed by their advertising campaigns; each one seems more saccharine than the last and I don’t consider it a good use of money when they are always singing the praises of acting “for the benefit of their members”. They are so big that they now operate as a bank, in building society clothing.


Nationwide is increasing the interest rate on most of their savings products from the 1st of February. You can find the document with all of information here - The home of savings accounts | Nationwide


Happening again. This is, what, the fourth time in a couple of months?

For those complaining on Twitter, what does it actually take for someone to just initiate a switch?


Anyone at 18 managed to get a Nationwide Credit Card?

Yup - two months ago!

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Slowly… but they add new features