Nationwide connect community

So it looks like Nationwide have recently launched a community that isn’t quite a forum. Looks like they are trying to connect with members a bit more! Hopefully it helps nationwide improve their productScreenshot_20180930-145407_Samsung%20Internet

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Most banks offer something similar. They launch tasks, ideas etc and use it for market research. Join the dots currently run similar sites for a number of big brands. Everything is collected by the market research company who then pass it on to the brand. It’s effective for brands and cheaper than paying for proper market research.

Yeah, I remember first direct had something similar a few years ago (labs?) that just died and disappeared. Doesn’t appear to be a forum, just looks like they ask questions and have a discussion about the questions

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I just signed up and it’s awful



Yep basically that it what it is, its a way for the Market Research company in this case Join The Dots to gain insights and pass that on to Nationwide. They generally remain open for a set period of time, depending on the contract with the brand.

They are very basic, like typical forum thread based discussions.

Well - signed up, took a look, shan’t be doing that again.

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That is exactly what I thought after I signed up! :rofl::rofl:

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Signed up a few months ago curious to see how good their community’s gif game was, but there’s no gifs at all… or any other signs of intelligent life forms.

It’s not for discussions or opinions, it’s for feature suggestions. I didn’t stick around for more than 30 seconds to investigate much, but it felt like I might need to send an email in order to get a suggestion reviewed before being listed by the moderator.

It’s literally just a list of suggestions. Who would ever go back there more than once?

Even Starling’s community is way better and they don’t have one :disappointed:

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