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The small print did say, valid until 2026 on the not closing branches promise, so I think they knew, and do plan to close them in the future. Just trying to capitalise on it in the meantime.

It has been extended to 2028 and will include Virgin Money branches if that goes through (just in case people didn’t know. I know the advert was before this extension).

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By nature we don’t tend to read the small print, so many will still come and complain :joy:

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Oh sure, I agree. Bit funny how the small print debate always seems to play when it’s any other bank compared to Monzo, though.

We all know I’m a T&Cs kinda guy.

Wouldn’t be such a biggy if they joined the post office fully (I believe they’re only a withdrawal option? Could’ve updated since I last checked).

People forget about post office; my mums been stressing she needs to go the bank, in town, 3 miles away, when she has a post office up the road (NatWest bank).

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I can see why though. It isn’t something any banks really shout about. For most banks, you kinda have to randomly search the website to realise this is an option.

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I really wanted to say this too :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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It hasn’t changed. Cash withdrawals and balance enquiries only.

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I’ve never understood why though. Surely it would be a good way of saying you can still bank with us through the post office and anything else Tina/Tony the telephonist will be happy to help you.

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You still can’t copy your sort code or account number. It’s the simple things Nationwide.

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I see nationwide are having the good ol’ payment issues again. :joy: Nearly as bad as TSB with their app issues.

Normally they’ve been pretty good. Faster payments are within 2 hours, so if they can keep to that, the delay isn’t too bad.

After the phone call I just had with nationwide to withdraw from my recently opened credit card, as I am in the right to do so within 14 days. They can 100% ram it. passed between 4 teams even though I called the credit card number. Had to pass security 4 times and then the last person was quite rude/dull. got an abrupt WHY DO YOU WANT TO CANCEL and then a sigh after i replied followed up by a it’s now closed BYE, then refused to answer any of my follow up questions regarding the closure.


Debbie has enough experience in TSB to share with Nationwide :slight_smile:

We hated credit cards too.

Thought this was already a thing on nationwide. Possibly it was adding to Apple wallet and not gpay.


Nope, I bought a new (Android) phone about two weeks back and definitely wasn’t a thing then as I had to add both Nationwide cards manually.


Just logged into the online banking to see if the newness has arrived there yet… :nauseated_face: still the dated fugliness!

I much preferred the app before the new layout.


I discovered this week that they’ve removed the ability to see transaction references! :man_facepalming: