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All regular established banks will do, it’s generally only really the newer and smaller fintechs that might not (currently). All credit products will be reported so your credit card will show up in another few weeks.

All three for current accounts, credit cards, mortgages and loans.

just wondering since their hard search hasnt came through yet for their credit ive applied for

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Can take up to 60 days to reflect on your credit file. More often within a week or two.

yeah its been a week now id say

The latest round of accounts I opened took a few weeks for the hard searches to show up, and then a few more weeks for the accounts themselves. Don’t worry, they’ll be there soon enough.

Nationwide use all three providers, and for some products can use more than one provide per application (for large stuff like mortgages). It will come through eventually.

Aw man, they’ve removed the picture they used have on the loading screen for the android app… Now it’s just a white background with the Nationwide logo. Sometimes progress isn’t a good thing… :cry:


Yeah, don’t know why they did that. The picture wasn’t amazing or anything, but at least it added some colour to it.

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Absolutely not, Nationwide.

And no opt out.


This should only ultimately indicate to them apps such as VPNs or screen viewers like TeamViewer etc which could show an alert their side just in the instance your account is accessed in a way that doesn’t seem regular.

I don’t feel a bank/building society will use any data in any other way.


I think this is how they detect jailbroken iPhones too. Though iPhone apps are sandboxed so I’m not sure how that works. I think Android is more permissive with what apps can see.

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Switch to iOS? :face_with_peeking_eye:


I’d stop using it the moment this popped up. Luckily iOS doesn’t allow this sort of fuckery.

It should, but there’s no guarantee. It has to check all apps to determine whether I have a VPN or not, and that data’s still being processed.

And even then, it’s none of the bank’s business whether I use a VPN or not. They can pound sand.


Totally agree.

I know my workplace use similar but we can only see if something like VPN/hotspot or TeamViewer type apps have been used to make payments, or tried to.

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I think I shall complain.

I didn’t proceed with the installation.


But isn’t that just something to do with the IP the transaction was originated from / the MAC address not matching that of the normal user device? Or however these networking gubbins work.

I don’t see how they could see what apps I have installed on my device

I’ll manage my own risk, thank you.


Complaint issued.


It’s not uncommon practice to discuss certain apps as noted above during fraud calls. Even if they are just installed and colleagues discuss the risks of say TeamViewer or similar style apps.

I don’t make the shots so I can’t really say why/how/when, but Nationwide aren’t the only ones that do it.

I’m sure majority banks do similar to be fair, just not as transparent and likely covered in some terms.

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