N26 ready to IPO by the end of the year - will Monzo follow?

Hi all,

News broke today that N26 plans on an IPO by the end of the year. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/03/01/german-digital-bank-n26-plans-to-be-ready-for-ipo-by-end-of-2022.html

Will be interesting to see if Monzo will follow suit.

If you read the article that is not what is actually being said though.

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Well, sure the articles says they will be “structurally ready” for an IPO. Implying they might delay if the timing is not right.

But my question was really more around speculating what this may indicate for a potential IPO for Monzo. If the other big neo banks are getting ready to IPO already by the IPO, maybe Monzo will be in a simialr position.

You could look at the other 8 billion posts speculating the same thing.


What makes you say that there are a billion posts on this topic? The crowdfunding section for Monzo has seen its last post before mine in January. I ran a search for Monzo IPO and found a thread from Summer last year. So, it looks like there is some potential to talk about this more.

I am a crowdfunding investor and find it interesting to talk about the company. If you don’t find that interesting then I don’t understand what your point of posting here is. To me it feels like you are just being snarky.


It’s mentioned frequently in the Monzo in the media thread. They’ve said not yet but the media keeps trying to speculate


The potential IPO is mentioned at least once a week. There isn’t always a new thread but it’s a constant talking point.


‘8 billion posts’?


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The number used to be displayed but for overall accuracy now it’s just the number in my post.

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I have no idea what this means?

TS said they could IPO as early as 2023. So if Monzo is anything like any other crowdfunded business in history that means they’ll start thinking about thinking about an IPO from december 2023 :smile:


The way the world is going I don’t think that there’s going to be much appetite for IPOs in 2023.


Yeah, IPOs are usually an end of the cycle activity, and we’re long overdue the end of this crazy cycle.

All fintech IPOs seem unlikely in the next 12 months now, unless valuation multiples increase significantly.

2008 delayed Facebook’s IPO by four years.

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