N26 Feedback


If they can’t even get the account currency correct then they didn’t even look at the page :man_shrugging: point I was trying to make is that it’s not even a genuine mistake, they’ve just not bothered.


Not as a whole :thinking: just this particular article

(S. Rosenberg) #1098

Amex Platinum in the USA and some other countries are steel, and they have a contactless version


Yeah the back portion is partially made from plastic to allow the antenna to be read.

(Jake) #1100

You can just make a Chip and Pin transaction to activate contactless, no need to withdraw cash.


Chip and pin didn’t work for me - I had to go to a cash machine and attempt to withdraw 0£ then to withdraw 10£ and cancel it once it gave me the “your card issuer may charge you” screen

(Dan) #1102

How are people tracking their cards? I haven’t had any kind of email or app option to do so.

Does that mean my card hasn’t been dispatched yet? Did other people get notifications when it was dispatched?



Can’t be sure, but I believe everyone has had a UPS email saying they have something on the way.

Best thing to do is speak to the N26 in app chat (they are very quick at responding).

(Dan) #1104

Cheers - I’m in no rush, just curious as people have been posting the tracking images.

Won’t be using the card for a while anyway but looking forward to seeing what features they have and how quickly they plan to push them out.


This will be the key thing for me.

Right now, they are pointless if you are a Monzo/Starling holder.

But in 6 months or so, if they can bring the UK up to par with their European offering, it’s a different ball game altogether.

Although, given what I’ve seen, I’m not holding out much hope…

Good luck anyway! :smiley:

(Andre Borie) #1106

I got my card out of the blue without any email from UPS.

(Dan) #1107

It seems you fit your own narrative. I only see one person trying to throw abuse/rubbish here.

I don’t condone such behaviour and I wholeheartedly agree with @Peter_G in that if you have some complaint, rubbishing isn’t the way forward.


I mean, they didn’t reply to the Tweet :man_shrugging: and I can’t be bothered to pursue it further. Not sure what you’d propose to do. As for fitting my own narrative - when half of your article is filled with incorrect facts, you should expect your credibility to be called into question.

I’m not sure how calling someone out on it is “abuse”

(Matt ) #1109

My card just turned up, no tracking

(Jonathon) #1110

I think the tracking was only because they had issues. Standard postage normally with no tracking.


Nah its all UPS and everything is meant to be signed for, according to Emma from N26.

(Jonathon) #1112

Mine wasn’t signed for. Online or at the door. Just posted.

(Patrick) #1113

Got card on the day they said I would.

Sign up was very smooth (and fast), got my card on time.

The debit card looks a lot nicer in real life than in all the pictures I’d seen.

I got the massage about an ATM withdrawal to activate when I activated… Am I correct that this just needs to be a transaction in any online terminal, such as a purchase pretty much anywhere not on an aeroplane?


It was posted through the door by UPS, who were meant to ensure you sign for it. They’re investigating UPS rn because they’ve failed to collect signatures for everything.


Mixed reports - personally had to go to an ATM and nearly withdraw £10 (I authorised the transaction with my pin and then cancelled it after it told me my card issuer may charge me to do so). Mine declined in any online terminal :thinking: but did work in the ATM. YMMV.