N26 Feedback


I literally don’t know what this means. :man_shrugging:


They’ve officially launched but as the functionality isn’t there I’d consider this just more beta period time. Which has said they’re in beta too so I’m not sure what your point was about it being fair for review? If which is saying its a beta why are they going after it?


The point is that they’ve launched. The review acknowledges that there are new features coming soon. It’s not misleading, I’m not sure what the problem is?


The review is incredibly misleading - it literally states false facts.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1080

I’m struggling to see what’s particularly objectionable in the Which article. It seems even-handed, acknowledging N26 is in a stripped-down state.

Not sure there’s anything to agitate over, @Recchan.

(Marcel Ruhf) #1081

The only part I see as incorrect, which I think is also @Recchan’s main complaint about it, is that it says you have to do a SEPA transfer in Euros, rather than a Faster Payments transfer in Sterling.


What credibility does Which have if they can’t at the very least get the currency correct of a bank account. They’re meant to be the charity that pressures change, how does one do this if they can’t even take the time to test something properly.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1083

An error, undoubtedly, but nothing more than that, surely?

“Which” has an enviable reputation in all areas of consumer affairs. They’ve done a lot of good for a long time. I hesitate to rubbish them over this particular fault.

(l8n.me) #1084

To be fair, did you ever try and cancel their magazine? This was in the olden days when people subscribed to such things, i’m not even sure they do print now? Anyway, I did, and it ended up with me filing in small claims against them to cancel the subscription, and many other people had the same troubles. I’m pretty sure it even made Watchdog that the so called consumers association employed the dodgiest practices known to man to keep getting money out of people who wanted to cancel.

Which is not to say they don’t do much good, but sadly they are, like all organisations, shills to the almighty pound.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1085

Hmmm, well that’s them knackered then. Have to say I found the subscription wrinkle-free, even though I didn’t renew.

(l8n.me) #1086

That’s always the way though, eh?! Some of us sail through with a great experience and would recommend to all, other’s of us end up having an experience as enjoyable as experiencing dysentery while having root canal surgery.

(Dave) #1087

I recently cancelled a Which? subscription simply because I wasn’t finding the time to read the magazine, and it was easy enough to cancel with a single email. You actually have to phone them if you want to get it reinstated!

I did find that some of their reviews have errors because they make assumptions.

For example, they claim(ed) that as GiffGaff run on the O2 network that you are going to get the same coverage and speed on your phone as if you were on the O2 network. Coverage, yes, but speed, no. The bandwidth you get on GiffGaff is lower despite being on the O2 network, and this was frequently mentioned on the GiffGaff forums where people claimed that 4G wasn’t giving them anywhere near the speed you would expect during peak hours. Clearly in that case the knowledge of how mobile virtual network operators work is lacking.

I suspect that the N26 review is just that, a review of information and not one of their well known “tests”. Somewhere along the line they’ve read some incorrect or irrelevant information regarding the currency of the account and how you pay in to it.

They do some very good work, so it’s fair to cut them some slack I guess.


A very glaring error. If they said SEPA and said British Pounds afterwards I could have overlooked it, but you can’t get both the currency and the method of transfer wrong? Surely that’s the basics to the point if you looked into it slightly you’d notice this.

Exactly, and they should keep this reputation by continuing to maintain a high standard. How something so basic wouldn’t be allowed to be there at all is a joke.


When you don’t rubbish people over a particular fault that’s super basic it shows them that it’s OK to lower their standard because you’ve not made it clear that that standard isn’t acceptable. If you want the main people putting pressure on companies to raise their standards, that’s on you. I personally don’t.

(Patrick) #1089

If mine actually arrives tomorrow, will it be a first? Approved within 15 minutes and card sent out the next day (might have even been the same day, can’t remember) and arrives on time…

(Dave) #1090

If they thought SEPA was the transfer method, then also saying Euro would be correct because SEPA can only be used for Euro transfers.

(Andre Borie) #1091

Just received this piece of spam… not sure what to think about it; I mean even their question itself is stupid - if you’re so interested in whether they were able to help me why don’t you just look at the chat history?

(Dave) #1092

Yes, they would be better off asking you how you feel about the customer support, as it is your feelings they are looking for, not the facts as they may perceive them from the chat.

(Andre Borie) #1093

Still, I’m quite unhappy that this is being done by email especially after I’ve opted out of any marketing/spam communications. I initiated the chat in-app… if you really have to ask for my feedback then do it in-app and don’t pollute my inbox.

I hate being asked for feedback in general (honestly, if something goes wrong I’ll complain myself, if not just assume everything is fine and get out of my way), but if it’s needed then I’d prefer something subtle and easy like an in-app prompt the next time I open it (doesn’t interrupt my flow with a notification).

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1094

I get that, for you, expression pretty much needs to be black and white. Binary, if you will.

For me, a more subtle approach works, but if that makes me appear irresponsible, well hey ho. :smirk:


I think this is where I’m struggling.

By all means complain constructively or have a discussion based on logic and fact. But to feel you need to “rubbish” someone (or a magazine) if they get one thing wrong (but doesn’t affect the overall argument) is a bit off to me. Point it out, sure, but to seek to rubbish them… :thinking: