N26 Feedback

(Graham - Mental health professional) #996

Same truck, then. :grinning:


Mine came pretty good although I was with customer support asking for a tracking number so I knew when to be home as it was meant to be signed for. They’re investigating UPS now though as they haven’t been enforcing the signing.


UPS sent me an email saying that I was due to receive the card, and I was able to “sign” for it online, so the courier could just post it through the letter box with no actual signature.

That worked a treat - my card arrived today.

And I really like it! It’s soooo much nicer than monzo’s garish colour with now faded print.


I thought the point of signing was to verify a person had taken it in? Regardless I didn’t opt into this.



Yep… their card looks better than envelope :point_up_2:t2:
Perfect quality.

(Punit Mannari) #1001

I never signed for it online or with the delivery guy…it was just shoved thru my door

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1002

Card arrived when I was out. Posted through the door. With zero communication from N26 or UPS I’m not sure how I was supposed to know I had to sign for it (and I’d forgotten until I read above) but it was obviously not important.

Card looks stunning. Certainly as unique–looking as Monzo. The transparency, spot glossing and popping Mastercard logo really work.


Shrug. I don’t know why they’re bothering with UPS - normal post is just fine for inactive bank cards.

Monzo are doing good things but i’m Hoping n26 will provide some serious competition. The card looks very good, and the app looks equally good visually. Sadly, the app lacks some absolutely fundament features (direct debits), and I’d miss some of monzo’s features (like seeing your pay and direct debits a working day early).

(Leon) #1004

I think the Loot card looks better to be honest, even though the card quality itself is pretty poor.


Starling is already providing some pretty stiff competition w/ feature parity and lower fees. If you can get a Nationwide FlexStudent it’s pretty similar too although doesn’t have the instant notifications etc.

Yeah the card looks lovely, the N26 Black card looks even better though in my opinion, and it should be releasing soon with some nice perks (insurance/unlimited worldwide ATM withdrawals).

These are coming next month, according to the customer service reps that I’ve spoken to.

I wish more people would email ideas@n26.com and ask for Euro accounts and MaestroCard too though. Really want these to come back to The United Kingdom so I don’t have to carry large amounts of euro in Germany etc


N26 lads what are you doing?

(Kevyn) #1007

Well the UK has 1 free replacement card per year where the German’s don’t. Maybe to offset that cost? :sweat_smile:

It could be simply they are trying to discourage unauthorised overdrafts. That being said it doesn’t look good at all.

(Patrick) #1008

I just cracked and applied for an account. I did the driving licence thing and my account was approved within 15 minutes.

With all the comments on here, I was not expecting that at all. I like the clean look of the app and the card looks cool - let’s see how long it takes to arrive!

I might use it as a secret stash account, where I put spare money to pile up where I, ‘can’t see it’, and kind of forget about.

Currently I’m using Triodos as my main account, after questioning them for ages to make sure they weren’t religious (as I’d read), with a Nationwide account as backup to jump to just in case Brexit cocks things up with Triodos.

My Monzo account is currently inactive :confused:
I’ve gone full Monzo twice now but moved back.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1009

Interesting, do you use Triodos because of their ethical stance? I can’t imagine they offer a current account that is technically better than Monzo, and you’re paying a monthly fee for it (which I’m not opposed to on principle).

You’re right, though, the N26 design aesthetic in–app and on the card, is excellent.


For what it’s worth Triodos looks like Monzo++ when it comes to ethics, because they’re in the positives for it as opposed to neutral ethics with some inclusivity goals.

Like they have a setup where their shareholders can’t screw them out of their principles. On top of that they have investments accounts that only invest in businesses that profit the world. I can get behind this type of ethical business, because they don’t shove it in your face and pretend to be a normal bank :ok_hand:t2: they’re “we’re ethical if you don’t like that, the door is there”

Tl;dr you can’t compare Monzo and Triodos by ethical stances

(Patrick) #1011

This is why I’m with them. Their app is very basic, their online banking looks like crap and the account is £3 a month - but it’s worth it in my opinion because of their ethical stance.

Their card actually looks really good though.


Good on you mate, I can always support a properly ethical cause that sticks by its principles.

Yeah I’m not sure if that would be for me since I’m used to apps from N26 and Revolut now but I’ve given it a look and if it ever improves in the future I’ll give it a shot.


(Patrick) #1013

(Steve) #1014

Yeah I like that. Real nice.


That’s a pretty nice looking card in all honesty.