N26 Feedback


New Zealand v Pakistan test match on a random channel Star on Sky. Love cricket on weekend :heart_eyes:


After me questioning why I’m unable to be verified… what a ridiculous response

(SimonL) #934

That’s the most unhelpful email I think I’ve ever seen!!!


Unbelievable isn’t it

(SimonL) #936

Yes sure is I don’t have the best credit record and currently not on the roll as only just moved and they give me a account no problems


I’ve never had an issue getting a bank account before so really don’t understand what the problem is

If they told me I could rectify!


They can’t be random as all cards have them in the same place.

(Andre Borie) #939

I believe under GDPR you have the right to know more about an automated decision (as to why the automated system declined your application) and ask to have it reviewed by a human.


Interesting , cheers

(Phil) #941

I got my card yesterday and look forward to the comments from people when I use it, however I don’t plan on using it often — more of a 'gotta catch 'em all mentality. It really doesn’t seem to offer anything that I can’t get from Monzo, but competition is good. I’m interested to see how they grow.

(Ghost) #942

Starling pretty much said the same thing when they declined me, we can’t tell you anything, thanks.


I just spoke to them on online chat and they just kept telling me they don’t have any information and can’t get any. When I mentioned under GDPR I have the right to a subject access request they said they would pass it on to the right department and email.

Also, found their request form https://support.n26.com/read/000001432?locale=en

(William Brown) #944

When I applied they put me on to a person looked at my ID and said you are ok and account open but to look at starling they take my name and phone number then say I’m not suitable for an account how strange


I’ve sent them an email but may message them again tomorrow



You cannot add notes like with Monzo and Starling, however, you can Add Tags.

I still prefer Monzo so far. Will be using my N26 as a pre-paid card type account only.


My euro account card doesn’t have that loose copper strands, nor the vertical line in the middle. The NFC antenna seems to have been beefed up

(Ghost) #948

You were also declined from Starling?

(Scott) #952

So I’ve just emailed N26 as the customer journey isn’t good at all for me anyways… account was opened last week no email no notifications regarding card, contact their support they gave me a tracking number, says invalid when I clicked on the link sighs can’t be bothered with this for just a hunch, gonna cancel, happy with Monzo anyway so I’ll just stick to this :smiley:

(Kevyn) #953

As I posted earlier, it isn’t an accurate measurement anyway even if the tracking did work.

If your not bothered, why not just wait until it arrives?

(Scott) #954

If it’s already sent might as well wait, only wanted to test the waters see what it was like like most really.