N26 Feedback

(Richard) #891

Spoke to support about where my card is (will arrive on Monday).

Quick and friendly…


I’d just like to know what the reasons are I can’t open an account. Could at least give me a clue.

(Richard) #893

It’s interesting to say the least… should just ping them an email to ask why… guess they won’t really help.

(David watson ) #894

After a week of waiting for be verified I got an email today saying id been declined and it was there final decision, oh well I can’t say I’m botherd don’t think I would have used it.

(Punit Mannari) #895

For those of you who have been declined…are you on electoral roll?


Me too! WTF!

(SimonL) #897

I’ve not long moved and not currently on the electoral roll and was accepted for an account

(Ghost) #898


I don’t think they even credit check, it’s just the identity check. If it was a credit check, I’d of been declined.


Got my card today. Activated it. No Apple Pay support yet, well there is but not for the UK. Popping that bad boy in the drawer for now then.


On electoral roll. Moved in February and got it updated straight away.

(Ghost) #901

Used my card for a fair amount of things today, seems okay so far… quite like the UI.

(Punit Mannari) #902

Has it got signs for Tesco etc?

(Ghost) #903

No images on the UI, just pre-defined icons like shopping carts etc. I think I prefer it like this.


I just got declined too which seems very odd. I can’t think of a reason why.


Me neither

Never had a problem getting any account


Weirdly when I log into the app it’s still saying verifcation in progress


Yeah same here.


Received my card today

… in an A4 envelope!

card is really nice though, I love the transparency

(Punit Mannari) #909

I agree card is nice…but the antenna on the black strip puts me off a bit

(Punit Mannari) #910

It also said I need to use atm first to activate the card