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So…if…when…I open a N26 account…Starling Benefit? Show it makes me think N26 is pointless…I have a Starling account…I still kinda want N26 tho…

Starling Feedback

Say what?! Where’s that slide from?

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Saw it on twitter…looks like starling are going for it in the background…


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It was a slide from Annes presentation at the recent PayExpo thing (I think).

Starling Feedback
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Just a heads up - I’ve moved some interesting conversation on Starling (started by me!) to the Starling thread as it makes more sense to keep it over there. Hope that’s okay!


Just been having a mooch around the N26 support pages…

Stumbled across this “How is my money protected in the UK?” -

The German Deposit protection insures deposits up to 100.000 EUR held in the member states of the European Union. As the holder of a German banking licence, N26 Bank must comply with the rules of the German financial regulatory authority.

I wonder if there is anything going on the background for issues arising post-brexit? The above surely wont apply in March will it?


Depends on the deal but for the near future at least until 2021 UK is planning to stay in customs union which would cover all services and goods. Things would stay as they are for some years at least few years.

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Except, if there is no deal brokered before the UK withdraws from the EU, and N26 does not have a British banking licence in place, it may not be allowed to trade in the UK.

In that scenario there is a very real possibility your N26 account will cease to work in the UK and it is legally ambiguous if the German deposit protection would apply to you.


If that happened, N26 will be a ignore able blip TBH.
UK finical institutes stand to lose way more and despite all the rhetoric I believe there will be a deal I mean why would a any government with even a small bit of sense would make its own country poor (in many ways!)

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Well you did say a government with a small bit of sense…

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I’m glad you believe there will be a deal. That doesn’t make a deal any more likely, sadly.

Actually, reading the government advice here, I was wrong, it appears the UK government would allow temporary banking services by EEA companies to continue informally for three years whilst those companies make the necessary application to the UK authorities to continue to trade after the three years.

However, in respect of the original question regarding the German deposit protection, I’d say that was still legally ambiguous. I’m not sure British–based depositors would be included in the event of a ‘no deal’.

I wouldn’t want to be the Briton trying to find out should N26 go bust, either.

It should be said, that if that were to happen, even under current regulations, the German government doesn’t just refund your money automatically the next day. You’d have to apply for it, probably in German, maybe even in person, and almost certainly have to wait whilst the bank’s customers are all processed en masse. I wouldn’t want to have all my money in an EU bank even now, let alone after a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

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" UK finical institutes stand to lose way more "

any figures to go with that rhetoric ? :slight_smile:


Sure, people can choose not to believe though :grinning:


( Finance chiefs warn on disruption of a no-deal Brexit
RBS boss McEwan criticises government infighting as banks struggle to make plans)

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Interesting they have stuck with the European way of using commas where we use decimal points in currency.

Personally I think it looks awkward. It would take a bit to get used to.


They’re still using commas for GBP? Ew

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I feel it is just a little ignorance of UK number style and I hope it will get ironed out during the beta period.


It’s pretty basic stuff though.


I have commas in figures it looks very untidy.

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I spoke too soon!