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I have an N26 account but can’t see I’m blown away by it tbh

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(Graham - Mental health professional) #1828

Must admit, I struggle to get excited by the app. “Clean” is often quoted. To me that translates, at least with N26, as minimal colour and not a whole lot going on. :flushed:


(Simon) #1829

One thing that annoys me about N26.
If you have tried to use there support chat…
If you close it while waiting for tee (edit the) agent to respond it tells you if you’re not back in 2 mins it will close the chat.
Can’t it just notify when the agent has responded.
Took 8 minutes today of me having to pop in and out of the app :joy:

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I’m not 100% convinced by the whole app chat thing… I’ve not used N26 yet but I used Starlings the other day and it was so tedious… I was only asking for an update on an email Id sent them 5 days earlier and it took the best part of 15 mins to get an answer from them, and that was after the advisor had started chatting to me… I swear they were making a cup of tea or something…

I much prefer the Monzo style chat… it’s like using whatsapp or messsenger… much better because at least you can go away and do something else whilst issues are being dealt with in the background.


(Simon) #1831

:joy: I have thought the same sometimes.
I’ve even asked if they are still there

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so I’ve sent money via BACs from my top cashback account to my N26 to will see how that goes :crossed_fingers:t5:



I had a look at N26 a few months back and it looked an attractive proposition. I’ve just opened up N26 website and to be honest, it contains little information, indeed it just doesn’t jump out at me as in any way being informative. In contrast, both the Starling Bank and Monzo Bank websites do give a potential customer plenty of information.

Also, BREXIT has put me off of opening any form of Euro based account and unfounded or otherwise, would still put me off of opening an account with N26 or indeed any bank based outside of the UK, but that is obviously a personal decision. I’m sure they’ll be plenty of UK customers join, but at the end of the day, it’s not for me.



just got my BACs payment to my account and it landed in @ 12am



Closed mine today. No use to me.


(Simon B) #1836

How is everyone feeling about the N26 UK product now that it’s been out for a while? Have there been any meaningful product updates? Would be interested to know… :grinning:


(Jack) #1837

I’ve not used it personally, but I do like the minimalist app look


(Splodf) #1838

The wavey hand gesture to obscure your info feature is very good.



well for one the direct debits come out at 9am every time for some reason


(Jonathan) #1840

Not much of an update, they’ve tried to copy :monzo: on having different app icons to choose from…and failed

Chat is very fast but lacking the human element, i.e. no smileys, etc.

I’ve signed up to Metal in Jan but they keep trying to make me pay when at the time you can sign up and get 2 months for free. Had to tell them to give me my money back 3 times in the last 2 weeks



You may have missed that by agreeing to two months free, you were also signing up to a 12 month contract to N26 metal


(sam) #1842

I’m currently going through an ombudsman complaint about N26 because of their undisclosed 12 month commitment on the metal card. They do not disclose the 12 month term during the registration process if you you sign up via the Metal page[1], nor do they disclose the annual fee in their Fee Information Document, which is a legal requirement. The only place that the commitment is disclosed is in the terms and conditions[2].

I went through their internal complaints process and they refunded my first payment but refuse to terminate the contract early. They do include a 30 day cancellation period, I contacted them hours into my 31st day (unaware I was in a contract or that I had a 30 day limit on cancelling) and even then they won’t cancel my contract[3].

I’m pretty disappointed in them. During my (long) conversation with their support agent he kept reiterating that they do explicitly disclose the commitment during the registration process, so each time he said that I went to their website and provided screenshots to him of how it is not disclosed in the way he said it is… eventually he accepted that it had not been disclosed but still my contract has not been cancelled.

Since then they haven’t updated their Fee Information Document, nor have they changed their registration process. They’re clearly aware that there are customers registering without a clear understanding, financial products cannot have undisclosed terms hidden in their terms and conditions, it’s simply not permitted. I do not understand why they haven’t corrected this and cancelled my contract, now they’re going to go through an expensive complaint procedure that they’re going to lose. I’m very confused by their decision, it simply doesn’t make sense to me and leaves me wondering about their decision making.

[1] Note that if you go through the normal registration process and then select to be upsold on a Metal account then you’re told about the commitment, but that doesn’t happen with people who sign up via the Metal page itself because they’ve already agreed to the upsold account.

[2] I acknowledge I should have read the terms and conditions completely but I’ve come to expect that the advertising + Fee Information Document offer a complete picture of what I’m agreeing to given that is what is required by law. I don’t mind swallowing the cost of a mistake I’ve made if it was my fault but in this case they’re clearly not complying with the law and aren’t making any effort to rectifying that.

[3] They did offer to revoke it after my complaint by mistake but that offer was rescinded when they discovered I was a few hours into my 31st day when I submitted my request.


(Jonathan) #1843

Got to admit, it was hard to find on their site, but they do sort of mention it

Either way, they don’t mention on their site about a cooling period which they should really offer (this doc doesn’t help them any further https://docs.n26.com/legal/01+DE/07+Metal/en/01metal-pre-contractual-information-en.pdf page 2)



Was so impressed, I closed my N26 account this week.

Monzo offers me what I want/need.

N26 offered me nothing new.


(Kevyn) #1845

Having finally moved to Monzo for my salary and bills after my house purchase, I have had to switch my spending account (which was Monzo) to N26, mainly due to Apple Pay. (When Monzo finally releases direct debit withdrawals from pots I would probably go full Monzo.)

As a day to day spending account, it is fine. I like the clean design and have had no problems except the hard credit check. I allocate my 2 pots as a reserve account and an Amex collection pot.

It looks like nothing much has really changed in the last few months so I couldn’t move to it for salary etc. but I probably wouldn’t unless it decided to be competitive with Starling or Monzo.



Out of interest, why can’t you continue to use Monzo as your spending account?