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(Tom Halloran) #1803

This is a helpful summary. I suppose the flip side - in part (not to let them off the hook) - is just the challenge of launching a banking product in a different country and culture, away from your home turf

The grocery model is famously hard to export, Tesco tried to break into America and failed. Most supermarkets (with the notable exception of Lidl and Aldi are) are national rather than international. Maybe banking will prove similar? That’s been the general pattern with traditional banks and its not obvious that just because the challengers are tech companies they can instantly overcome this


Yeah I completely agree.

I also think the UK culture tends to be (just my opinion of course), that people want the cheapest/free product, with the best service.

Those two things rarely go hand in hand!

I don’t think N26 help themselves when some of their “premium” offerings seem really petty.

Allowing 10 spaces (pots) instead of the standard 2 if you pay a monthly fee seems a little off.

Anything that is a simple software restrictions feels a tad cheeky IMO.

But, like I said, I think they’ll eventually find their feet, and could be one for the future.

(Tom Halloran) #1805

Yeah for sure. Especially when your more established competitors offer exactly the same thing for free

Like you say will be interesting to see how they adapt

(NM) #1806

In terms of visibility they were aggressively advertising on YouTube. Like at one point every other advert I had was for n26


Isn’t that more to do with your browsing history and search results than general advertising?

(NM) #1808

That’s an interesting point, I wonder if I go via proxy whether I’ll get the same adverts


(Marcel Ruhf) #1810

It’s also your browser cookies, and if you are signed into a Google account, they will also have your search history on there. Plus any insights from sites using Google Analytics/AdWords/AdSense will be linked too. And lots of sites use these tools.

(NM) #1811

I wonder if its more associatively matching, i.e looking at the search history for Monzo and then suggesting N26.
So rather than being more adverts out there it just focuses precisely on one area.


I would guess so.

There are posts here that show when people search for “Monzo”, the top sponsored link is N26 :joy:

(NM) #1813

Yeah second page I got the sponsored link. :joy: