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(Lyes) #1723

It isn’t even a World Elite Mastercard like the same product they offer in the rest of Europe.

(lee) #1724

Apparently it takes them upto eight weeks to close an account.

8 weeks - :man_shrugging:


My account is still active. Asked them to close my account twice… since November

(Splodf) #1726

They’ve just closed mine. Took 4 weeks.

(lee) #1727

There’s no current account switch either, so you can’t just do that to get rid of them.

I wouldn’t recommend them at all. What kind of staffing level have they got, or what systems and processes are in place that take months. More to the point what does it say about what they think is a reasonable timescale to deal with minor things, imagine if you had more complicated issue.

Starting to realise why ‘coming soon to the UK’ took the best part of a year and why the card took weeks to arrive.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1728

Just took a flick back through this thread. Heralding the much publicised launch into the UK market, many were anticipating something slick and innovative - a reality check for those two upstarts Monzo and Starling. What a disappointment…!

A frustratingly delayed launch was followed by an underwhelming, stripped-down offering with every indication that the product has not taken note of its target market - the UK. The best anyone had been able to see, it seems, is that the app looks clean and minimalist.

All this - and now an attempt to develop a funding stream with the introduction of a basic feature - “spaces” or “Pots”. That move alone says N26 hasn’t looked seriously at its UK competition.

…and we had such high hopes…


I thought I would update the thread to say N26 has now removed my hard credit check, converting it to a soft credit check.

(Richard) #1730

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1731

Nice. I just enabled it, and verified through the app. Seamless.

(Valeri) #1732

Nice… they seem like they are working hard to bring features every week :slight_smile:


hoping they bring standing orders in soon

(Lyes) #1734

After running out of confidence with N26, I did put in a dispute with Experian about three weeks ago.

They’ve now responded and have agreed to remove the search.


That’s very reassuring, I had the same hard search and contacted Experian about it. I’ve only just had the response that they’ve sent it to N26 for review.

(Dan Mullen) #1736

Haven’t N26 had all the hard searches converted to soft searches? They have in my case and in lots of other examples I’ve read about.


Yes, N26 converted mine a week or so ago.

(Marcel Ruhf) #1738

Yes, they did so in my case (I didn’t bother contacting them about it initially since many people already raised the issue, so I would have expected this to be resolved for anyone affected).

(Lee James Kilbride) #1739

I gave it a try but ultimately came away disappointed.

It was hard to get full information about the product before you signed up, I now know that the German side of the bank is well advanced upon the UK side. Therefore no Apple pay. When I asked about Apple pay the person on the other side of the app was quite blunt. The app is ok but prefer Monzo. The card, despite looking good in images is poor in the flesh.

Then when I said I would just like to close the account I got a short email back with a form to fill in saying that if I continue to leave my account that I will NEVER be allowed back. Wow.

Not for me.

(Marcel Ruhf) #1740

They recently launched Apple Pay in the UK.

(Chris C) #1741

So I recently signed up to N26 and went for the metal card.

I signed up on the 28th of January. Today, the 11th of February I received my card. A very long turn around time to wait for a card after being told it would be 3-5 days. The card itself is beautiful though.

The app is great. I am enjoying it, and I love how you can swipe your hand over the screen to hide information if you are showing people the app. The online banking login is cool (Dark mode, yes) it is very simplistic.

Activating the card was pretty simple, and Apple Pay too. I will start using the account more this week to see if I will keep it.

One confusing aspect is that I signed up for two months free but had an email saying to top up my account before the account fee comes out.

All in all everything positive so far is to do with the aesthetics side of N26. Negatives to do with wait times and miscommunications so this is a bad sign so far if the look of something is better than the feel.

I did notice that the loungekey access was poorly worded when I first signed up, I thought it was included if you had the account, but I have found out it is paid access. I think they have updated their website now to make this clearer.

I shall update in a bit.

(Punit Mannari) #1742

This is what I was on about…when I joined metal it said free lounge access…
Now it’s all changed…
I brought this topic up last month and no one believed me