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A lot of countries have a limit of 5 transactions and for the sixth you have to insert the PIN. As N26 is a German bank it’s expected that they follow German law when it comes to that sort of stuff


Isnt the travel insurance the same you get with their black subscription?

(Punit Mannari) #1684

That’s interesting…never knew that

(Marcel Ruhf) #1685

Not sure, Black isn’t available in the UK yet.

(Michael) #1686

Email today from N26 asking for tax ID

Seems legit, but are you all getting them?

Not even sure what mine would be given I’ve always been PAYE

(Richard) #1687

Bit odd that N26 are asking for that…

Nothing here from them…


If you don’t give them a tax ID when signing up, they’ll email you requesting it, it’s legit. If you don’t provide one they’ll restrict your account

(Michael) #1689

Thanks. Can see the option to fill in, but there guidance of the value to use is not great - only specific about Germany


(Michael) #1691

Thanks again. Really appreciated. I’ll go with my National Insurance Number then as know that. Never done a tax return, so don’t have the other number


I added my N26 card to my Amazon account and Amazon did a £1 card check which has taken 11 days to return to the card. Is that slow process down to Amazon or N26?

(SimonL) #1694

Think it was about that long on my credit card so probably more down to amazon

(Dan Mullen) #1695

Did they actually taken the money then refund it? I thought they usually just did a pre-auth?


Indeed, normally just a pending auth that is then reversed when the merchant doesn’t finalise the payment (usually done in just over 7 days).


It’s shown up on my N26 as a debit and then a credit 11 days later. It doesn’t look like a pre-auth I dont think.

(Nick) #1698

Checked my last Amazon pre-auth. Pending on 19 November, not reversed until 20 December!


That’s a long wait! I hope Amazon never venture into “Pay At Pump”!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


My account is still open…
Today received an email from them

(lee) #1701

Really weird they ask for this. Just seems like another bit of data for someone to get careless with or be stolen.

I asked them after I got a similar email and they insisted they were legally required to ask but also stated I wasn’t required to provide it.

I got rid of them.


Funny they say you aren’t required to provide it. If I remember correctly their email asking for it clearly threatens that you have to give it. I signed up to the account with my Portuguese ID card, which has the tax ID printed on it and they sent the email asking for it anyway