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No problem

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1414

No one posted here yet about the N26 rebrand?

I knew that 2 had morphed slightly. I like the new logo, the spacing and weight are both improvements.

Anyway, looks like, erm, fucking Teal, is sponsoring fintech in 2019 :rofl:


I sent that link to @Peter_G in another thread (possibly the Viola one).

Teal for the win…

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1416



they don’t do SO yet I was hoping for that so I can use it for my bills account

(Ben) #1418

They do however it will take some time for companies to update their systems. Like monzo first launched bacs and direct debits

(Ben) #1419


they don’t do standing order (SO) I know they do BACs and DD

(Ben) #1421

Sorry misread your post

(Jonathon) #1422

I mean… it’s hardly a rebrand.

I have never, and still do not, understand the useless phrases such as “the colours reflect our values” - really? Care to exactly explain how?

It’s very Apple.


The muted pastel colours reminds me of WealthSimple’s branding.

But those floating arms/hands look odd :upside_down_face:

Starling is probably due a rebrand, the new card doesn’t tie in with the app now.

(Punit Mannari) #1424

Anyone used n26 to get money in the bacs to try it out yet?

(Ben) #1425

I’m certainly interested in N26 however my loyalty remains with Monzo. I wouldn’t even attempt to put money in via bacs yet far to soon but interested also if people have attempted it.


Anyone think the “payback from a space” feature is a good idea?

I didn’t even know it existed. I found out about it after clicking on a transaction by mistake.

(Punit Mannari) #1427

What’s that feature?


I’ve not used it yet but It looks like you can basically “repay” a transaction from money you have saved in a space.

e.g say you have an emergency fund for whatever reason and you spend £50 on your card, you just go into the transaction and repay it back from the space.

To be honest though I dont really see how it is any different from just moving money from a space back into your main account? Im confused over the point of it

(Jonathon) #1429

Ease, I’d imagine.

I like it as an idea.


I suppose it might save a little bit of time…I’m sure ill get round to testing it out properly eventually…

(Michael) #1431

I think that’s an excellent idea now someone has said it out loud

It’s kinda like a “non-committed” pot to sub back unexpected spending

Would like to see that in Monzo alongside the committed pots idea



It feels like they’ve made minimal effort to come to the UK market. Their web app tells you that it’s unlimited ATM withdrawals in the Eurozone when that isn’t the case as we would be charged 1.7% on everything that’s not GBP.