N26 Discussion & Feedback

(Andre Borie) #1321

Exactly my thoughts, but apparently people are getting butthurt when I tell to vote with your wallet and not pay the stupid contract.

Contracts will stop existing overnight if people just took matters in their own hands and stopped paying. Would make the industry so much better (and terminate a few bullshit business models as well).

(Myles Carey) #1322

Have you seen that if you cancel within 30 days, you can never get the metal account again?


N26 love a good ban don’t they.

10 years if you ditch your account, a lifetime ban for metal? :joy:

I hadn’t actually seen that, where abouts does it say that?

(Myles Carey) #1324

I received this from them earlier when questioning it. https://twitter.com/MrMylesCarey/status/1075674763337572352

Was very disappointed to hear myself. It’s also in the t’s and c’s


Not sure if it’s my phone, but your twitter link isn’t working for me.

Also, do you have it in the t’s and c’s - I read through the bulk of it before, and didn’t see anything like that, but very likely I missed it!

(Myles Carey) #1326

No worries, I’ve attached the email here as an image, let me know if you see it?

Having looked through the T’s and C’s again, I can’t find where it says it. If I find it, I’ll let you know.


It loaded after I typed it before :see_no_evil:

I’ve re read the T’s and C’s, and I think that the current CS Staff are saying that as a scare tactic - It’s not in their T’s and C’s

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1328

It isn’t in the Ts&Cs, but it doesn’t have to be. N26 are not obliged to sell the Metal account to anyone, so they could just refuse you if you reapplied.



I imagine they’ll get a fair few people testing that policy in years to come!

(Myles Carey) #1330

I definitely will not be taking out their Metal account while that remains a policy.


I should add, the “premium support” number in the app is a UK number.


Is it also “premium” rate?


Nope, standard London number.

(Myles Carey) #1334

Does N26 support BACS yet? I know it didn’t when first opened

(Thomas Horne) #1335

So Metal provides nothing of any real value yet, bar a metal card and phone number that should be provided to the public? Also if you leave your permanently banned from it!?

A German phone number doesn’t really cut it I’m affraid; and without even the basic features of a bank account so far N26 seem to simply be a poor excuse of a “challenger”.

I find it in my opinion to be very much an alpha product at this stage, I’m surprised they’ve got the guts to advertise as a full fledged bank account. :rofl:

Currently I completely fail to see how N26 can stack anywhere close to what Monzo or Starling are doing.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1336

Yep, I really wonder, Thom, if they get how feeble this offering is perceived over here.

(Andy) #1337

I wont post pics as @nickh has posted.

I have tried to sign up for the World Elite perks such as lounge key, and the bin number range is not recognised as world elite, hoping tis is an early adoption issue, that gets fixed asap.


No, that’s by design and it has been like that in euro accounts for years. That’s why a lot of people say N26’s world elite cards aren’t really world elite or any better that a regular MasterCard, when it comes to card status

(Andy) #1339

The BIN checkers do identify the card as a world elite card, compared to Monzo and Starling which are standard cards…

BRAND = World Embossed

BRAND = Debit

BRAND = Debit

This is across 4 bin range checkers


What did you expect? That they would issue a world elite card that isn’t actually classified as world elite?

The issue is that you don’t get most of the world elite perks despite the card being world elite. I don’t know why MasterCard lets N26 cherry pick what benefits they offer.

Whatever may be the reason it’s deceptive as the cardholder may expect benefits that are not there, such as lounge access