N26 Discussion & Feedback

(Ben) #1260

I do love the idea of a metal card. £168 a year for it, I’m not so sure.

I might just get a piece of stainless steel cut to credit card size and put that in my wallet .

(MikeF) #1261

There’s quite a lot of discussion on that in this thread already so I’ve moved these posts.

(Ben) #1262

In fact - if anyone does want an aluminum card that is only missing a few of the features of N26 Premium - you can get 10 of them here :wink:

(Only available in amateur ) #1263

Etsy have everything

(Andre Borie) #1264

You can get the aluminium machined down to make a hole for the chip and then move it over from your real card (it’s just held on with glue). You’d lose contactless though.

(Thomas Horne) #1266

Who still uses a card!? :rofl:

(Jonathon) #1267

Wow :open_mouth:

(Andy) #1268

Looks like my metal card has been delivered this morning by UPS.

My dad opened it at my request, and said it looks like a fake card, lol but is stainless steel…

(Ben) #1269

when you get your hands on it, would you mind sharing a photo of it? Would love to see how it looks in reality vs the renderings on their website!

(Andy) #1270

I will do so when i finally get home tonight :slight_smile:

(Ben) #1271

Thank you :slight_smile:

(Richard) #1272

Plenty on twitter :slight_smile:

Looks smart…


(Jonathon) #1273

Some of the images look like the edges fray a little. Is there a plastic cover over the metal?

(Richard) #1274

Not sure, I do remember reading they had problems with the first batch of cards.

Will have to wait for @mozzauk to report back


The metal card used to have a plastic cover over the metal. I think the latest version has a metal front, and a plastic back.

(Ben) #1276

Should’ve checked there!

Super fancy looking. I just wish their basics were further along to warrant it from my own point of view.

(Richard) #1277

Might change eventually.

If they included mobile phone insurance… I might consider it.

(Richard) #1278

Looks like Black will be here soon™

(Punit Mannari) #1279

Ordered metal on Monday…got my card today… looks excellent…love it

(Only available in amateur ) #1280

Did you decide to pay that much per month just for the card or are all the extra benefits worth it for you?