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(Graham - Mental health professional) #1336

Yep, I really wonder, Thom, if they get how feeble this offering is perceived over here.

(Andy) #1337

I wont post pics as @nickh has posted.

I have tried to sign up for the World Elite perks such as lounge key, and the bin number range is not recognised as world elite, hoping tis is an early adoption issue, that gets fixed asap.


No, that’s by design and it has been like that in euro accounts for years. That’s why a lot of people say N26’s world elite cards aren’t really world elite or any better that a regular MasterCard, when it comes to card status

(Andy) #1339

The BIN checkers do identify the card as a world elite card, compared to Monzo and Starling which are standard cards…

BRAND = World Embossed

BRAND = Debit

BRAND = Debit

This is across 4 bin range checkers


What did you expect? That they would issue a world elite card that isn’t actually classified as world elite?

The issue is that you don’t get most of the world elite perks despite the card being world elite. I don’t know why MasterCard lets N26 cherry pick what benefits they offer.

Whatever may be the reason it’s deceptive as the cardholder may expect benefits that are not there, such as lounge access

(Andy) #1341

The issue is that Mastercard has different offerings for World Elite Cards, in every different country, so N26, HSBC can only pick what MC offer in that country

I have also noticed that like Santander’s (Credit Card) you have to go to a special website to register and not MC’s page. The free visits only apply to Credit Cards, and as World Elite Debit cards are still rare enough (N26 and a couple of Arabic banks) then i doubt MC have negotiated a deal as of yet…

I dont understand all this hate and vitirol against N26, Monzo started at the same point of a debit card and Faster Payments only…

(#savetheseabass) #1342

True but they didn’t launch a premium offering a couple of weeks in without those basic features. Don’t think it’s hate, it’s more :roll_eyes:

(MikeF) #1343

I haven’t seen any ‘hate’ or ‘vitriol’ (towards N26) on here. Just a number of people who aren’t very impressed with what’s on offer at the moment. Questioning what you’re paying for isn’t the same as ‘hating’ something. Particularly for the paid tiers, I can understand why.

Monzo advertised (and provided) a prepaid card at this point in their existence rather than a Current Account.

(Myles Carey) #1344

Agree. No hate here, but I do think people have a right to criticise if N26 are expecting people to pay for this service. There seems to be multiple concerns with multiple people.


Is there anywhere that N26 are less than clear about what people are entering into?

Maybe I’m misreading your posts, but are you saying that it is OK to agree to a pretty clear contract, and then to unilaterally renege on it because you didn’t like the terms stated at the outset?

(Richard) #1346

Should try this with my new mortgage… I don’t like the repayments :wink:


The fact you will be banned foreverrrrrrrrrrr if you cancel within 30 days.

I can’t seem to find that information anywhere (until you attempt to cancel).

I’d say that the T’s and C’s right now are a bit wooly, purely on the basis that the “benefits” seem to be catered for the Euro/German market - Not the UK.

It is definitely a bit rushed for whatever reason (perhaps the Brexit uncertainty is making them dump everything first, before customising their packages for the UK market).

I’d be amazed if there was anyone out there who would actually make full use of the Metal package, and find it value for money - But perhaps there will be a few.


What you gonna do, Nick? Forever ban or metal for a year?


The forever ban seems more like a challenge - So I am likely going down that route.

I personally think it’s a scare tactic - What bank in their right mind would ban someone forever :joy:

Although, if this forum is still running in 10 years time, and you all have Metal whilst I’m discarded on the sideline… Help me out! :joy:


Feels a little unenforceable too; can they use my personal data for this purpose?


No idea - I wonder if you’d need to close your actual account (because closing your Metal account, simply reverts it back to the standard one).

But then, they have a 10 year ban on anyone closing their standard account.

I’d be interested to know just how enforceable that is! :joy:


I’d be interested to know just how enforceable that is!

Not sure. They have to keep records for regulatory purposes for 6 years or so, but after which you should be able to request all your data to be deleted under GDPR, and after which there will be no way to enforce that ban even if it’s still in effect.

But it’s definitely just a scare tactic (if it is enforced at all - the only way would be to actually try reopen an account under a new email & phone number and see if they catch on) to inflate customer numbers at the beginning and I’m sure they’ll revisit that a few years down the line.


From my reading of the terms, the only benefits that are guaranteed are the card, insurance, and the ability to use 10 spaces (woo!). The rest seem like they could come and go.

(Thomas Horne) #1354

Upon requesting my botched attempt at signing up to be cancelled I was told that I’d NEVER be able to hold an N26 account in the future.

A time frame of ten years was never mentioned? :man_shrugging:t2:


Not sure where I heard 10 years, but I definitely did!

As for your case… Maybe they singled you out… They let you live so you could tell the story to all of your friends, and no one would ever close an N26 account again :joy: