N26 Discussion & Feedback

(Ben ) #1235

Oof, £15 a month for a metal card.

The travel insurance and the free withdrawals in Europe may make it a decent “holiday spending” card - but I then need to go on way more holidays to make that worthwile.

I find it super interesting though that they are cracking on with Premium when they don’t even have the basics of a bank account yet.

I got an email from them last week saying “How to deposit cash into your N26 account” -> Simply transfer it from another bank account.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1236

It is, thanks Peter :grinning:

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1237

Crikey, you’re right :open_mouth:


I see so many ads for this company lately. Guess they must be following on from Starling

(Ben ) #1239

Yeah they’ve got LOADS of ad space on the tube. Really pushing the marketing spend right now.

Shame the app at the moment doesn’t quite do enough to move me away from any where else.


Apple pay coming early 2019, so not tomorrow.

(Kevyn) #1241

Oh dear. When N26 says early ‘any year’ they usually mean 12 months later.


in Europe they charge€9.90 for metal, but UK customers pay £14.90, and can’t even accept BACs payments or have SO and DD yet so what the hell am I paying that for

(Splodf) #1243

A notable absentee since the price launched :wink:


I requested an update to the name displayed on my account and I’m still waiting for N26 a week later.

(Dan Mullen) #1245

I don’t think that’s right. I believe you may be thinking of the Black account.

(l8n.me) #1246

You’re right @danmullen, 16.90€ for Metal, which I make £15.20 give or take currency fluctuations, so basically the same price, although as of today you’d get a lot more product for your Euros but this likely is a short term situation of course.


The metal partner deals don’t seem to be that exclusive? I looked at the IHG one and it’s the same offer anyone with a mastercard is entitled to.

10% off at hotels.com but only for participating independents and local chain hotels. You can get 10% from TCB.

Suits, wine, dry cleaning. Hmmm.


They actually have different pricing tiers for different countries. Here in Portugal it’s 6.90 for the Black card. Maybe others such as Revolut should learn from that, and adapt for the competition that exists in the different markets. For 75 Euros a year I can get an amex platinum card with 3% cashback and points on top of it, so all those fintechs paid plans are ridiculous. And by the way, that’s by far the most expensive card or bank account that exists here

(Jonathan) #1249

Just enquires about the Metal card, if you were to get it now, you will need to wait up to 3 weeks for it to be delivered…

(Jonathan) #1250

When I was in Paris, N26 were really spamming those billboard ads on the Metro, guaranteed at least 2 on each line

That’s some serious €€€€€€ going on marketing!

(Punit Mannari) #1251

I went on chat yesterday…they said 5 working days for delivery and first 2 months free

(Andy) #1252

I have just asked on chat and they said 3 weeks for delivery.


I haven’t tried N26 as I’m already satisfied with Monzo, and I see no need to open additional bank accounts at the moment.

Although if I were in the market for a new bank account, I have a feeling the amount of adverts I’ve seen would put me off. I have nothing against marketing, but the volume which they are advertising at seems suspicious to me.


They certainly arent marketing as heavily as the incumbents Lloyds, Barclays, HSBC etc. so is every bank suspicious?