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Agreed. I think that N26 could be forgiven for getting in pre Brexit to ensure a beachhead, but if it had been me I would have made sure that the launch was very soft and held off on the revenue making extras until the fundamentals were in place.


Then maybe metal cards should be next month then.

(William Brown) #1215

International payments for me is a must I send to Ireland and to Netherlands but I can use sepa for Netherlands from my Ireland account cause I just use Iban like I do for Irish to Irish but not all banks allow inter country on sepa and treat it differently so to me international payments are a requirement

(Allie) #1216

Still ridiculous and an element of legacy banking, there’s NO reason in an online-preferring environment this should be happening.

(Dan Mullen) #1217

Launching the packaged accounts now and marketing them before some of the basic banking features are ready is a mistake IMHO. There’s a good chance that someone will see an advert for a metal card with the associated bells and whistles, take a look at the account, realise your can’t set up a Direct Debit and lose interest. For the sake of a couple of weeks it seems crazy to risk alienating/losing a decent potential customer base.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1219

That’s what I meant to say :grinning:

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And that - thanks @danmullen, for expressing it in a way I clearly can’t :grinning:

(ps - I do miss my Starling birthday-cake thingy…)


Who would want to be involved in a business that operates this deceitfully?


Is it your birthday?! Happy birthday! :birthday::tada:

(Micky) #1224

Opened an N26 account for comparison but its basically a glorified prepaid card in its current state. Offers limited functionality compared to other banks and even less functionality when comparing to other Fintech banks.


But they have rose gold…

They also have lounge key but I wonder how comprehensive this is as I get it with my credit card but it’s not so great for people you’re travelling with. It says Paid Access so I’m assuming about £10-£15 a pop each for you and guests which isn’t great? It feels like the only real benefit is the card and the travel insurance but then for almost £15 it’s not a great deal. Nationwide have an amazing deal for less.

(Emma (still not the app)) #1226

The person in the priority support pic looks dead inside

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1227

Maybe she has just realised what she gets from N26 for £14.90 a month, called the Priority Customer Support, and been reminded of her year’s contract?


I’ve just noticed the upgrade button is constantly visible within the transaction feed / home page which feels somewhat annoying.

(Richard) #1229

Haven’t got this at all… mind you… i’ve not got any cash in it :rofl:


I’ve only got 50p in it and I’ve made one transfer since opening to try it out only


How has no one mentioned “Discreet Mode” yet? :joy:

If you want to fulfil your dreams of becoming a Jedi Master, you can “wave” your hand across the screen to hide the amounts on the transactions (and then “wave” again to unhide").

So if you want to show someone the app, without them seeing your spend/account balance… and also impress them with your Obi Wan like skills… N26 has you covered :smile:

(Jonathon) #1232

I have it on my app but without more information on the benefits I wouldn’t sign up for it:

“Travel like you never left home” - what does this mean/give me?

“Loungekey access” - am I paying for this? I can’t even see the list of lounges on the Loungekey website without first signing up via the bank.

“Purchase protection” - a tad more, please?

“Metal discover” - again, what is this?

Most of these I get with my American Express. I’d be slightly tempted with the lounge access IF I knew it was free (a quick search doesn’t bring up any costs per visit) but then again I tend to have lounge access if I fly OneWorld anyway.

EDIT: Bit of old-fashioned online research:

Partners: https://n26.com/en-gb/metal-partner-offerings
Nothing particularly amazing. You can probably find similar vouchers online elsewhere. Give me elite status memberships at hotels and get back to me

Travel like you never left home: Fee-free transactions and insurance.
Probably fine but not really worth a 12 month contract for.

(Jonathon) #1233

Ok I found that pretty cool :sunglasses:


CASS incoming… (I doubt they even support that yet :joy:)