N26 Discussion & Feedback

(Gavin) #1181

All i keep seeing on there is how n26 keep freezing peoples accounts

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1182

All I keep seeing is people who think Trustpilot is worth bothering with.

(Alex Mayo) #1183

Yes, it’s awful. Very slow customer service and verification… and no real benefits. Card is now in the bin :joy:.

I signed up to compare it to :mondo:, what a waste of time that was.

(Jack) #1184

Hi Gavin, moved your post to the linked thread above. A few forum members have signed up and posted their comments here :slight_smile:

(Splodf) #1185

I did the same thing.

I reckon it will be alright in the future. It’s just not ready for a launch in the UK yet. Very much a minimum viable product.

(Nick) #1186

I signed up to compare also, and am no longer using it after exhausting the intial transfer to the account. It’s not as useful as Monzo, and there’s extra friction throughout which is irritating.

I haven’t binned the card, though. They might be a decent option five years down the line, and I don’t want to have shut myself out through dumping them hastily and falling foul of their ten-year ban.


So the premium offerings for the UK launch tomorrow (metal at least)

(Nick) #1190

You’ve misunderstood my use of the word ‘exhausting’ in this context. I mean that I transferred a sum to the account, and once I’d spent it all, I stopped using it and went back to my Monzo card.

Having to unlock the app every time is the main one. Even setting a basic lock pattern is more friction than with Monzo. The more verbose alerts also introduce a little extra friction as it’s that little bit less clear at a glance, due to the excess of text.

As for not being as useful, the statistics aren’t as helpful to me as Monzo’s spending and targets, and they’re hidden away on an odd corner of the app (again, friction). I also don’t think it’s useful to complain that someone giving their opinion of using N26 is being subjective. That’s clearly a given. I don’t have to put “in my opinion…” before each and every point I make.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1192

In comparison, Monzo is (niggles apart) feature rich. N26 is, whichever way one looks at it, pretty basic.

If one’s needs are relatively simple, then N26 and, for that matter, Revolut, are likely to fit the bill.

Having embarked on this whole mobile banking thing, I’ve already come to expect sophistication, combined with “smart” thinking, in my bank and a further expectation that this is just the beginning.

It’s difficult to currently visualise N26 that way in its UK offering (I wonder what a full-blown N26 account looks like).

If it’s anything approaching Monzo or Starling I’d think we’d know about it by now. In any event, it’s difficult to rate the app with any enthusiasm. :slightly_frowning_face:


Sorry to say, but the German offering is way better than any other country. Don’t expect the same functionality in the UK anytime soon

As for you never again being able to open an account with them, that can’t possibly be true. Like any other bank, they have to delete any info they have of you 10 years after you stopped having business with them, so after 10 years how would they even know that you had an account with them?

(Splodf) #1195

How do I see the German offering?


They have to delete ALL your data after 10 years. They cannot keep your phone number or name on any list as they have to delete all the data. So they can’t possibly know that you were a client.

As for their account functionality, sure they’ll launch the cards, that’s where the money is after all and they’ll also have direct debits and standing orders, but don’t expect anything else beyond that. I’m a Portuguese costumer and like in most of the countries they operate in, half their app gives you a landing page saying they would like to offer that functionality in your country at a future time. Recently they’ve started to hide that unavailable functionality so that you don’t even know they offer it in Germany/Austria.

Like the maestro cards, they’ve been saying for years there’s no intention of launching them in countries beyond the ones they’re already available in. Maestro is being slowly discontinued so it makes sense

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1199

I just don’t get why they would want to blacklist anyone for having previously closed an account. It makes no commercial sense.


For the same reason they won’t bring maestro cards to countries where they aren’t a necessity. Issuing cards costs money!

(Jonathan) #1201

With Metal launching tomorrow, wonder how much it’ll be?

I’m guessing £17.99 p.m

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1203

I may be curmudgeonly, but I’m blowed if issuing a metal card says anything about the direction of travel account-wise.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1205

Issuing a metal card doesn’t give any indication as to how the feature-list of the account will develop.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1207

You misread my point, I’m afraid. I don’t regard a metal card as an account feature. It’s a gimmick (fun though that may be).

Introducing a metal card doesn’t indicate how the account will evolve and what features will be included in the full account.

(William Brown) #1208

The issue with N26 in Europe use transferwise for international payments and others such as bunq use transferwise but in the UK N26 is basic to just non existent it was rushed it’s basically pay in use debit card and send payment by typing details in so N26 isn’t go to place for banking


I just don’t see the point of launching a paid for Metal card when you can’t even set up a standing order, pay you phone bill or get your salary paid in.

Shows a huge misdirection of priorities to me