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Wonder what other features other than a Metal card their premium/metal tier will include. You can’t do Direct Debits on it yet, can you?

(Richard) #1162

Going by their website… dedicated customer support and partner offerings…

Presumably there’s more…


Apparently you get travel insurance…https://n26.com/en-gb/legal-documents/metal


What basics? Like direct debit?


So I’ve used a different ID and I’ve been accepted after being unable to open an account due to ‘legal requirements’

Annoying that you have to make an ATM withdraw to activate card

(William Brown) #1165

No direct debits standing orders no payees no nothing yet

(Tom) #1166

I just did a balance check, which seemed to be sufficient :+1:


Ah ok that’s good to know


I’m not thinking much of N26 as it is. Can only really move money into spaces and make transactions. Am I missing something??

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1169

You’re not. They’re telling us it’s all coming soon. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(den50) #1170

Gonna sign up for N26 in about 6 to 8 hours, wondering if N26 supports Faster Payments, cause I think I’ve seen that it does somewhere, and how long does take verification take now?

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1171

Hi @den50

It does and from my experience (and other users), it’s immediate.


Did you use a different email address etc? What ID did you use first time and what worked the second time?

When they rejected me for the same reason I used my driving license.


Different email & phone :eyes:
Used passport first time round, driving licence second
No issues straight through

(den50) #1174

That’s really weird, I’ve seen people that aren’t even from UK, but instead just live in it, get accepted fast without a rejection, even though they were using passport from another country.


Yeah very weird
And also infuriating
Have a look at Trust Pilot, seems to happeneing to a lot of people

N26 Bank uk
(Gavin) #1176

Has anyone joined N26 Bank uk



(Gavin) #1178

Where they keep freezing the accounts

(Michael) #1179

Trustpilot, is that you?

(Cheng) #1180

Can’t see any benefit. What’s the sell?