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Not sure I’d want to pay for metal until they have everything working though. Be interesting to see the UK benefits though.


I honestly can’t see the point of metal, who uses cards any more?

(Richard) #1142

Still do for those transactions over £30…

(Splodf) #1143

That’s what Google/Apple pay is for?


I use Apple Pay

(Richard) #1145

Thought the terminal had to be enabled for Apple pay for that to work (not all card terminals are) (also @Codf)

Edit: for over £30

(Splodf) #1146

I’ve not met any that aren’t so far.


Most places in my experience are beginning to remove limits on paying by Google/Apple pay. On Saturday I had my car service and was able to make a payment over £200 with Google Pay in a South London garage :smiley:

There are people who don’t even know that their card mashines work for payments over £30. When I made payment with my phone the guy was totally surprised :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Richard) #1148

Not so common in Edinburgh (yet)… might just be a ‘updated by the card machine company when the machine dies’ (the card machine in my work does… but it dies on a regular basis)


Yes, I had to educate the local tyre place - 4 tyres on Apple Pay, job’s a carrot!


Funny that you say tyre shop :joy: I also got tyres last week and paid with Google Pay. Only 2 though.

(Tom) #1151

Apparently come Jan 1st all retailers are obliged to accept Apple Pay/Google Pay for any transaction limit, the same as they would for Chip+PIN :+1:

(Maxim Harper) #1152

Exciting, do you have a source on this? Can’t find any CDCVM news after searching quickly.

(Tom) #1153

Quoting @Rika from this thread :point_down:

(Richard) #1154

Well had to speak to their support today… have to say… fast response and good result.

UPS couldn’t deliver my card (I reckon too lazy to walk up to the top floor of my building) and delivered the card to a UPS pick up point way out of my way.

Couldn’t get there until yesterday and UPS had taken the card back to Germany.

Quick chat with support… new card winging it’s way and they are unsure why UPS took to a pick up point in the first place.


In most countries you get 15€ per referral


There isn’t such a thing as an Apple Pay configured terminal. They are all just using the newest version of MasterCards/Visas/Amex etc. contactless specification which includes CDCVM.

(William Brown) #1158

Very few merchants limit Apple Pay to £30 so you could do £1000 for an iPhone or iPad or even a tv in certain retailers depends if your bank queries the transaction when large

(William Brown) #1159

N26 in uk launching metal with three card colours and two months free of monthly charge on 17 December 2018 but all the basics that monzo have still to be launched

(Ghost) #1160

I’d imagine that Apple Pay will be next tuesday, apple pay releases are usually on Tuesday.

Their German accounts got access this past Tuesday, so I think UK will be next week as they told me it’s “very soon”. Quite liking N26 so far, hopefully the new features will make it better, but we’ll see.