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Just a general reminder, checking your balance works just as well as trying to withdraw money when activating card in ATM (leastwise, it did for me).


I don’t know why they didn’t do what many Canadian credit card issuers do (also uses offline PIN primarily). Just send the card out configured as chip and signature, then when you activate it, you set the pin. Your first transaction will use a signature and then during that transaction it’ll download the PIN you set and set that as the primary cardholder verification method (all very simple with issuer scripts).


Indeed but they’re not actually getting rid of the signature cardholder verification method, there just telling merchant acquirers to update terminals to not print the actual signature line on the receipt. In reality merchants don’t even need to do that, they can just ignore the prompt.

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I did, and was subsequently able to use contactless to buy my dinner from the supermarket.

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What did you have? :thinking:

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Can you see how what you’ve written could equally apply to that Times article you’ve been joyously debating over on the other forum?

No, wait. You’re going to tell me that’s a completely different situation, aren’t you.


UPS lost my package somewhere in their Tamworth depot. Tedious process, you start a Live Chat with the UK agents, they pass you to the US, the US then pass you to the UK or Germany.

Then you uncover a contact number, you call, and have to say the whole shipping number, machine doesn’t recognise it, so you have a few tries, then you get passed onto a agent, where you get another go at saying random characters. From there you are told to contact the sender.

On the plus side N26 have been very helpful, waited on chat for me to speak to UPS, then issued a new card.

Based on the N26 representatives response it sounds like a lot of lost cards :man_facepalming:


Same thing happened with me (UPS losing the card).

But I didn’t even bother with the UPS service - I just contacted N26 and they ordered me a new card :smiley:


I didn’t even know chip and signature was a thing. Here in Portugal we went entirely from magnetic stripe and signature to magnetic stripe and pin in the late 90s and to chip and pin in 2005. I doubt merchants have any way to accept signatures and even if they can accept them there’s no way you’d find anyone that knows signing receipts is a thing or knows how to do it

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So I came home from work and noticed that my N24 card had arrived out of the blue but finally got here

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I wonder if the launch was rushed like that because of Brexit?

I had an email from Triodos Bank saying that the government was allowing EU banks trading in the UK to create a UK subsidiary and then transfer to a UK banking license for it. To make sure UK customers aren’t affected.

If N26 had waited a few months then they’d potentially have had to apply for a license from scratch. This way, they’ll get one almost automatically before Brexit.


Did anyone see this?


Anyone closed account with when?
Wrote email last week still no reply…



I had the same! No idea why

(Dan Mullen) #1135

Looks like a good implementation of 3D Secure:

With 3D Secure (3DS) we automatically assess the risk of every online transaction you make with your Mastercard using our home-grown artificial intelligence to prevent fraud. If something seems off, we’ll ask for in-app verification.


Looks like N26 Metal is coming to the UK on Monday.


Any news about Apple Pay ?
Invite friends scheme was launched

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Interesting that they haven’t used any incentives for referrals, but have still given it a whole tab within the app menu complete with a gift box :gift: as the symbol. I guess other regions must have previously launched with an incentive?


Apple pay has just been turned on for German accounts, in app notification and seamless addition was nice.