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Shrug. I don’t know why they’re bothering with UPS - normal post is just fine for inactive bank cards.

Monzo are doing good things but i’m Hoping n26 will provide some serious competition. The card looks very good, and the app looks equally good visually. Sadly, the app lacks some absolutely fundament features (direct debits), and I’d miss some of monzo’s features (like seeing your pay and direct debits a working day early).

(Leon) #1004

I think the Loot card looks better to be honest, even though the card quality itself is pretty poor.

(Kevyn) #1007

Well the UK has 1 free replacement card per year where the German’s don’t. Maybe to offset that cost? :sweat_smile:

It could be simply they are trying to discourage unauthorised overdrafts. That being said it doesn’t look good at all.

(Patrick) #1008

I just cracked and applied for an account. I did the driving licence thing and my account was approved within 15 minutes.

With all the comments on here, I was not expecting that at all. I like the clean look of the app and the card looks cool - let’s see how long it takes to arrive!

I might use it as a secret stash account, where I put spare money to pile up where I, ‘can’t see it’, and kind of forget about.

Currently I’m using Triodos as my main account, after questioning them for ages to make sure they weren’t religious (as I’d read), with a Nationwide account as backup to jump to just in case Brexit cocks things up with Triodos.

My Monzo account is currently inactive :confused:
I’ve gone full Monzo twice now but moved back.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1009

Interesting, do you use Triodos because of their ethical stance? I can’t imagine they offer a current account that is technically better than Monzo, and you’re paying a monthly fee for it (which I’m not opposed to on principle).

You’re right, though, the N26 design aesthetic in–app and on the card, is excellent.

(Patrick) #1011

This is why I’m with them. Their app is very basic, their online banking looks like crap and the account is £3 a month - but it’s worth it in my opinion because of their ethical stance.

Their card actually looks really good though.

(Patrick) #1013

(Splodf) #1014

Yeah I like that. Real nice.

(Jordan Taylor) #1016

I had tyre marks too. I think it came from the Stoke depot iirc.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1017

Hmm, interesting. Do you have access to a database of tyre marks cross referenced with postal depots? :grinning:

Well impressed, Mr Holmes…


Had it confirmed by Connor at N26 CS today that you cannot amend Category for a transaction once it’s posted, in “first UK version”.

Means that it is not as useful to me as Monzo is, in that respect.

Not a major issue for me as just messing with it. Monzo is my main account.

(Nick) #1019

So far the main thing I like about N26 is the card. It’s a novelty to be able to see the RFID loop as you touch it to a machine.

Everything else… Monzo does the same or better for me.

Need to check my balance to make sure I can cover the payment before using the card? Monzo does this at a touch. N26 has added friction. Initially, password. Then found I could set a pattern, so set the simplest one I could. Still a layer of friction, though - and apparently I’ll have to reset it periodically also.

Spending alerts. Monzo alerts when I use my card are clear and simple. N26 are verbose and, for want of a better word, Germanic. Advantage: Monzo.

Analysis. I can find the spending tab on Monzo easily and see what my spending is like at a glance. While I can equally see what my spending is like at a glance with N26, finding the equivalent page is a bit more difficult; have to go through some not entirely obvious menu options to find ‘Statistics’.

Can’t say I’m blown away by N26 yet. I’ll surely keep the account open, if for no other reason than to avoid the ridiculous 10-year ban. But may be a while yet before I actually find a use case for making use of it instead of Monzo. In theory if there’s something I want to ringfence spending on I could boot the cash over to N26 for that, but in practice I’ve not yet run into any ringfencing that can’t be solved by using Monzo pots.


Huge numbers of people all through Europe have been asking for Maestro cards and they haven’t done it. They have been offering the exact same functionality in their euro account since the end of 2016 except for the “spaces” feature


N26 is going on marketing spree it seems but it can be a bit of gamble IMO because what they offer is not really a current account at the moment. No Direct Debits, Standing Orders etc…
I think they should have launched with basic current account features or should have waited until these are available because new users signing up might feel disappointed



Even more stupid than Monzo’s approach of putting up lots of tube ads when their CS is already overloaded. :roll_eyes:


Is it just me or is this ridiculous? I’ve emailed them multiple times and nothing :joy:

It’s like I’m some fraudster - do they know something I don’t?!

(Valeri) #1025

Don’t want to stress you out but they might not be allowed to give you more information in certain cases by like law. :man_shrugging:

I’d open free accounts with Experian, Noddle and ClearScore and double check all available data on your credit files is correct including bank accounts, addresses and telecom / lender accounts.


They really are pushing this. I’m sick of seeing it ‘promoted’ in my Twitter feed. Like @SC95 said it’s a gamble when it’s incredibly basic at the moment. I’ve no interest in this personally. I have Monzo as my main account and Starling as backup. The card looks kinda cool but that’s it.


I already have accounts with all of them. I’ve accounts with many of the ‘big’ banks and most of the fintechs.

Having read Trust Pilot (https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/n26.com) it seems I’m not alone.

Tbh, I’m not even bothered about the account it’s the dreadful customer service.


N26 aren’t running credit checks though are they? as they’re not offering credit at the moment. Therefore, it can only possibly be an issue with the id/verification process.