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Had a lot of accounts…
Lloyd’s 1-2 days
Barclays debit card - 10 minutes in branch or 1-2 days by post
Monzo - 1-2 days
Barclays credit card - 3 weeks
Nationwide - 5 days
NatWest - 7 days

(Lord Chimpington.. the 3rd) #981

Contact them, once I did that they provided me with a UPS tracking number… should arrive today…


Contacted them today. They were unable to provide tracking information - just “should be with you today if not contact us for a replacement”


They’ve refused me an account without telling me why and are ignoring emails…

Bizarre if you ask me

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #986

They’re not a new bank. They’ve been sending out cards to all different European countries for a couple of years, longer than both Starling and Monzo.

If you read my posts I’ve never placed any kind of expectation on N26, but conversely they’ve not managed my expectation in the slightest; there has been absolutely no communication. At all.

My point has always been, as a new brand in the UK, N26 has to work harder than incumbents to win trust and customers, and people thinking its OK to spend ten days waiting for a debit card in the C21st are kidding themselves.


I think all the players are very guilty of this - Monzo, Starling and N26.

It’s arguably the most important thing to manage, especially from the forum perspective (with rabid users waiting on every word and reading into every tweet).

Monzo and Starling have historically been poor with managing expectations - N26 are following suit it would appear!

I don’t think we’ll really get an idea of how N26 will do until mid next year at the earliest.

As far as my expectations go… They are now much lower than previously!

UPS have lost my existing card, so they have ordered me a new one! :roll_eyes:

(Graham) #989

Is this tongue-in-cheek, or your true assessment of their strategy?

(Graham) #991

Not that it matters, but I wonder where they’ve factored in the whole card mailing thing to their marketing campaign. Novel, to say the least. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Wow! Received my card today…

No comments

(SimonL) #993

Be careful you might reveal your card number!!!


I don’t want to try this bank anymore :man_facepalming:t2:


Mine looked the same!!!

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(Graham) #996

Same truck, then. :grinning:

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UPS sent me an email saying that I was due to receive the card, and I was able to “sign” for it online, so the courier could just post it through the letter box with no actual signature.

That worked a treat - my card arrived today.

And I really like it! It’s soooo much nicer than monzo’s garish colour with now faded print.


Yep… their card looks better than envelope :point_up_2:t2:
Perfect quality.

(Punit Mannari) #1001

I never signed for it online or with the delivery guy…it was just shoved thru my door

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(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1002

Card arrived when I was out. Posted through the door. With zero communication from N26 or UPS I’m not sure how I was supposed to know I had to sign for it (and I’d forgotten until I read above) but it was obviously not important.

Card looks stunning. Certainly as unique–looking as Monzo. The transparency, spot glossing and popping Mastercard logo really work.


Shrug. I don’t know why they’re bothering with UPS - normal post is just fine for inactive bank cards.

Monzo are doing good things but i’m Hoping n26 will provide some serious competition. The card looks very good, and the app looks equally good visually. Sadly, the app lacks some absolutely fundament features (direct debits), and I’d miss some of monzo’s features (like seeing your pay and direct debits a working day early).

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(Leon) #1004

I think the Loot card looks better to be honest, even though the card quality itself is pretty poor.

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(Kevyn) #1007

Well the UK has 1 free replacement card per year where the German’s don’t. Maybe to offset that cost? :sweat_smile:

It could be simply they are trying to discourage unauthorised overdrafts. That being said it doesn’t look good at all.