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Thanks. Coincidentally, my UPS email just arrived. My account was opened on the 21st (correction: 18th), so it’s taken 4 calendar days to get to this point.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #958

My account was opened (in about five minutes) two days before you, and I’ve heard absolutely nothing.

Even HSBC managed to get me a working debit card in two days recently. If you’re going to open a bank in the UK, this is your competitor and this is the standard to beat, I’d say.


How long ago did you get your Euro card? I’ve seen some recent ones and they looked as in people’s pictures here. Could newer ones be slightly different?

(Punit Mannari) #960

I opened account last Friday…sat got accepted and got the card on Thursday


I’m totally gobsmacked that the cards come from Germany, on a tracked service, within two envelopes. I dread to think how much that is costing!

(Valeri) #962

Well that is probably just for their beta run of the service… I assume that would change as they try to scale operations in the UK :slight_smile:


I quite often get UK cards in two envelopes, one smaller one, then a larger one sometimes with some cardboard as well to disguise the contents.

I imagine the larger envelope is so UPS can stick their large label on it.


Got it February. It looks much better than the new ones and I never had a problem with NFC, so the new ones look like a waste of copper for a worse look


I’ve noticed fintechs don’t care much about catering to the markets they start operating in. As an example with every bank here in Portugal you have unlimited virtual cards and all of it completely free, while as an example revolut only gives you that with premium, which costs money or you can buy individual cards, which is even worse.

Here you also walk out with your card when you open an account at a bank branch. They print the card right there in front of you.

And I won’t even go into ATM limits and fees which is something that doesn’t exist here

(Kevyn) #966

The UPS driver told my schools receptionist that it was a concert ticket so I guess it was disguised well to a degree…

The last UPS driver blabbed to the receptionist that my Apple Watch 4 was an iPhone XS… UPS… hmm…

(Marcel Ruhf) #967

Only Metro Bank does this in the UK.


Canadian banks do this as well but they are non personalised, (I.e. they have no name on or anything). Most Canadian debit cards don’t even have an expiry date though (As they run on Interac, so don’t work online or anything, so don’t need one).

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #969

Which is fine, but they won’t get anyone to switch if word gets out that it’s a hassle waiting for a debit card to show up in the post.


Not quite - Barclays also are able to do this in most large city center branches.

(William Brown) #971

Yup never made the full application with starling how odd they decline before that stage

(William Brown) #972

Banks typically take a week to 10 days sending debit cards out by post its normal procrdure

(Ghost) #973

Pretty much the same as me. I can re apply in february, but I think they’ll just decline me again.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #974

Or in my case, leave a tyre print on it …:flushed:

(Jonathon) #975

If the card survived then it’s a good test!

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #976

I’m not sure what your point is.

If N26 think in 2018 it’s OK to align with some sort of ‘normal procedure’ then, as I said, they’ll have a difficult time convincing customers to switch. There’s a new bar raised with instant debit card deployment to Apple/Google Pay and if HSBC, a bank infamous for its slow method of working, can get me, a brand new customer, a debit card in two days I’m certain “10 days normal procedure” isn’t going to cut it.