N26 Discussion & Feedback

(Richard) #183

Well looks like the “23rd of Sept” rumour was wrong… unless they meant this week of course :wink:


Looks like they’ve launched.

(Jonathan) #185

It’s open to family and friends for now, but we’re looking at November when we can finally apply for an N26 account


Got this email few minutes ago…


Just got this email…


Was about to just post this! Rolling out to people on the waiting list slowly from today.


Is anyone planning on using N26 as their main account?

I’m on the list (received the email), and keen to try it out.

But as soon as you’ve spent the 5 minutes going through the various bits and pieces, I can’t help but feel it’ll then be an unused app on my phone.

I can see the usage for people who travel a lot, but I’m struggling to find a good use for using it in the UK?

(Richard) #190

Depends what the situation is post Brexit (banking licence, money being protected etc).

The premium account thing is one thing i’m interested in. If it’s cheaper than RBS for similar/better features… then i’ll probably use it.


I’ll try it, and I’ll wait and see how it performs once fully launched before deciding whether to keep it I guess. All of my current accounts annoy me in some way so maybe this will be different.


I am keen to give it a test as the main account after a couple of months though. I want to see how they handle launch and develop here.
I want to test N26 mainly to see if I should switch back to Monzo from Barclays or N26 would suit me better. Not sure why I am rooting for Monzo to win my own little contest :man_facepalming:

(Graham - Mental health professional) #193

Too early to say. It’ll be interesting to explore its features and gauge that against their marketing campaign.

They’ve definitely got competition in the UK and it’ll be interesting as well to watch them get established. I wish them well - I’ll sign up - but certainly not to a premium account.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #194

Interesting times, eh? :grinning:

(Jonathon) #195

I’ll give it a go. Got the email too, on the waiting list.

(Jack) #196

I don’t see any benefits that N26 can provide me which I don’t already get with Monzo so for me to open an account would probably be pointless as it wouldn’t ever get used. Although I’d still like to try it and see what the UX is like (similar to what I did with Starling).

Does anyone yet know what their UK terms of use are regarding ATM withdrawals and other things?


Their T&Cs and pricing for the UK accounts are here.

Main negative is there’s no free ATM withdrawals whilst abroad, they incur a 1.7% fee.

(Only available in amateur ) #198

They do the MasterCard emergency cash advance :+1:

For £120 fee :scream:

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #199

seems a bit steep for £500 :slight_smile:


Any indication of there will be a euro account too? I’d be interested in repatriating my Euro account, but not really interested in another GBP fintech.

For me there is nothing compelling about their account other than I need a euro account.

(Richard) #201

The Bank is not currently a member of the UK’s deposit protection scheme, although this matter is being kept under review

So basically… we’ll look at this once Brexit settles…


Anyway… better than nothing