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(lee) #1758

Is what sums them up in general anyway.

(Punit Mannari) #1759

I had asked them about incoming bacs payment time as well…and I was given the same reply as well


I had high hopes for N26 but these issues, and more importantly the responses, just give me no confidence in them whatsoever. They really need to up their game or they won’t last in the UK very long


Working again now. Very poor communication though.


(Ben) #1762

I agree they really do need to change their ways or they wont last long… You certainty notice the difference in a app chat convo with N26 and Monzo. Monzo miles ahead in customer service


Just got this…

Hi Tommy,

We wanted to let you know that our cards are once again working at payment terminals. This was an issue with a specific terminal provider that has been corrected, however, please be aware that transactions at certain petrol stations may still be affected.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this caused you. Thanks for your patience.

Your N26 Team.

(Ben) #1764

Shocking service from N26. Debit Card issues still on going and couldnt answer my simple question what times direct debits go out and bacs credit clear. All i wanted to know when they update their systems.

I know Monzo make bacs credit available 1am exactly.

Ooops posted in wrong thread

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(Chris C) #1765

After signing up to my metal account I decided to downgrade to the free account - I will most likely cancel the full account depending on how they grow. (with all the problems over the last few days I’m not very hopeful)

I decided that with my ultimate reward account from Halifax I get a lot more for my monthly fee. Plus the best thing about the metal account was the card.


OK missed that this thread was here… Long time Euro N26 user… Basically they have and will keep my loyalty for the simple fact they offer a maestro card in Holland. Mastercard isnt universal there.

  1. Short of a second phone (or maybe parallels on a dual sim) is there any legal way to get both a EUR and GBP account ?? Staff tell me no, yet it seems so mind bogglingly brain dead that a user cant require 2 currencies.

  2. Does N26 lack any way to be paid by debit card… As per Monzo.me or as per Starlings version. I cant see it…


Made the mistake of signing up for an account without checking the thread here. Tried using the card today (in a machine )and didn’t work, maybe it was user error as I didn’t realise the cursor moved to the next line “to confirm the pin”, I pressed the return button you see.

I’ll give it another try this week.


No. I had a Euro account. Tried to open a UK one and it said there was a problem with my details as soon as I put my date of birth in. I didn’t really use the Euro account though, and was able to close it within an hour via email, then open the UK one straight away.

They did say they will be allowing customers to have 2 accounts in the near future…

(Chris C) #1769

I’ve downgraded my account this week and it’s a really slow process.

(Splodf) #1770

Should try asking for your account to be closed. It took months!

(Chris C) #1771

:man_facepalming: I think I may get them to close it as I am starting to realise I want to go #fullmonzo at some point. Worried now it might take months.

(Splodf) #1772

I wonder if you can CASS from N26 in the UK. Anyone tried it?


I’ve been completely underwhelmed by N26 so would like to know the same :+1:

(Kieran) #1774

I don’t think they support CASS - https://www.currentaccountswitch.co.uk/banksandbuildingsocieties/Pages/banks.aspx

(Splodf) #1775

Do you have to support CASS in and out?

I suppose if they don’t support Direct Debit yet (I’m unsure if they do or not yet) it’s just a glorified bank transfer no?

(Chris C) #1776

I’ll give it a go here through the monzo app and report back!

(Splodf) #1777

Very close to getting a Batman quote hero :slight_smile: