My transfer from London plus credit union account has not arrived and had never gone wrong help!

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it could be because it’s a bank holiday weekend it won’t process until tuesday

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I would take those screenshots down as they contain a lot of personal information.

But it’s likely as above. Credit Unions are less likely to use faster payments, or may have systems that do not do anything on weekends and bank holidays.

You are best either trying to contact them as soon as you can to confirm but it might be something that will pop up in your Monzo account on Tuesday.


Hi Darren, I’ve removed the screenshots from your post because they contain lots of your personal info, like your address!

Echoing the above comments, it may be the long weekend adding delays. The TRN is often not displayed in your banking app too, so contacting your credit union when they open is the best bet (if the transfer hasn’t arrived by then)

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It will all depend on how the CU system is set up with the bank that holds all their deposits and also how the CU actually process the request.

In the distant past mine even though you could request the cash it needed a manual intervention by a staff member to send that money. They upgraded their system ages ago to make that automated.

As mentioned above due to the Easter period it’s more than likely sat in a queue at the CU either waiting to be processed or waiting to be released.

Building society’s and credit unions don’t always work on public holidays or late night.

Some of them actually still manually transfer when they get a request.