My first order of business for 2017 is ditching mainstream banks 📰

(Saveen) #1

“The first order of business for my New Year’s banking detox is to order a Monzo card.”


Me too, but it might have to wait until the middle of 2017 before your dream begins reality! But not long anyway. There are loads of people wanting to give the legacy banks the heave ho, me included. Trialling all the features may wet your appetite until Monzo becomes a full bank.

(Leon) #3

Hmmmm from someone that wants to switch she seems to have done hardly no research. A Visa card? Erm nope it’s a Mastercard debit card here. In the UK we don’t have checking accounts, we have current accounts. Apart from that she is spot on.

(Simon B) #4

Cool article! Thanks for posting it :slight_smile: