My card is expiring and I need help

Hi everyone!
My card is expiring in March, and I’m stuck abroad.
Is it possible to extend the expiring date to the end of March and not the beginning?
Thanks in advance

I think cards expire at the end of the stated month of expiry anyway, rather than the beginning.

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Appreciate your help

No, it will expire on March. You could ask to get your new card abroad. I think is 30 pounds fee for international replacements.

If you use contactless on your phone your Apple:Google pay should auto update with the new card details do you can use that

Only issue is with Monzo you can’t see the CVV in app for some reason still!

In your case if you’re still abroad. I would open a Starling bank account and use/add that card if the CVV issue stops you updating the Apple/google pay on your phone as you’ll be able to see all the necessary card details with starling and just bank transfer the money over

The only disadvantage is no physical card which may mean you can’t get cash out of an ATM, unless said ATM is contactlesss

Correct… a quick search confirms this.

Your debit card will expire at the end of the month indicated on your card. You can use the card until 11:59 PM on the last day of that month.