My application on the phone is blocked

Hello I am New in Monzo. I wanted to create a current account but I got confused and chose a joint account. So I I started the process, completed the questions and when I pressed submit the application got stucked. I can’t enter the app because I can only see the screw of the questions. Where is the chat for support contact? I need to restart this operation. Any help please


Stuck where? You can’t create a joint account without already having a personal account. You can only have one account.

If you don’t have an account then chat isn’t available to you. If you do and you’re logged in, go to the help section and search for “Contact”

Otherwise email

But it’s hard to advise without knowing where you are or what you’re trying to do, so make sure you give Monzo all the info.


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That’s nothing to do with us, we’re all customers here.

Contact Monzo. The details are in the post directly above yours.

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This is the screenshot of my app on the phone. IT is blocked and I can’t do anything. I want to resetea the operation

You need to add the info before it will let you submit.

Press where it says “select” on the two fields above where you have entered your salary.

My situation is this. I 'M volunteer, I receive just 200 pounds as a help. I can’t give false information like saying that I have a salary just to continue the process. I need to restart the process or cancel my account,otherwise.

Then change the amount to reflect your salary?

You don’t have an account yet so if you don’t want to continue, just close/delete the app and continue with your day.

You are right. And other issue. Can I close my account and create a New one with other email but the same telephone number?

You don’t have an account yet. Where you’re at in the process may store your number/email, but you’re still going to have to answer those questions no matter the contact details you use.

I don’t really understand what you’re trying to do.

I’m a but confused. Let’s suppose that I go on and I submit having chosen a joint account. Is there any way for changing into a current account?

You cannot have chosen a joint account as you have to have a current account first.

You’re not doing a joint account application. You can’t apply for a joint account unless you have a current account.

Stop overthinking it all, answer each question one at a time and follow the steps.

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You don’t need to be confused. You have two choices;

  • Do the application as required. That means fill in the boxes it asks you to fill in
  • Don’t fill in the application. Delete the app. Forgot about Monzo.

(I was replying to a now deleted comment)

Thank you

Has it always asked these questions? I can’t remember doing them - I only remember entering my name and address and a id