My account registration failed and idk why

Hi everyone,

i’m a Chinese international students who wants to open a monzo account so as to pay for my tuition fee. But now the registration keeps failing and i’m not able to contact with the online help to figure this out.

i have applied once maybe two weeks ago, but then i forgot which address i selected as my delivery address, so i canceled the application. Is it because of this?

It’s very likely because of this.

Might be best trying to pop over an email to

There are other contact methods on this page if you scroll down:

@951261412 As you’re using Monzo for tuition fees, are you aware Monzo cannot accept payments from China at all, and there’s also limits for debit card transactions over a certain amount?

It may not be suitable for your needs.

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@TTJJ very good point. @951261412 it might be worth looking over the fee’s and limitations before investing too much time in applying as it might not be suitable for you :slight_smile:

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I’ve sent them an email and I just tried another time just now. There was no response.