Multiple Summary dates

I use the summary within the app but it bugs me that I can only select one date. My wife and I have a joint account, so it would work better if I was able to set 2 dates.

That way the countdown of spending would run between each date, it would be more accurate and reflect our spending habits.

For example:

Set 15th and 27th > summary spending will run from 15th to 27th, then from 27th to 15th and so on.

This would be an amazing feature dur to multiple pay days

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I can understand why you’d want this, but I’m not sure how it would work?

We are in a similar situation. My husband gets paid first and I take my monthly take-home pay out of savings into our main account on his payday. My pay then goes straight back into savings. Obviously this is just a workaround, but it helps keep things simpler for us.

Well I would leave that up to the Monzo wizz kids, if it could be done it would be great, but if not… Hey ho​:joy::joy: