Multiple financial products on your Mondo card?

(Rob) #1

I know Mondo are still working their way through obtaining their full banking license. At present Mondo is essentially a prepaid account coupled with a rather snazzy app and lots of integration work going on behind the scenes, but I have to admit I am taken with the Curve card proposition where multiple accounts are accessible on your one card with an app that allows you to switch between said accounts.

I wonder whether Mondo might have similar sights for the longer-term? Once a full-on bank, and if/when multiple financial products become available, maybe we could switch between the financial products you hold with Mondo using just the one card with the one app? For example:

  • Current account
  • Your individual saving accounts/pots/jars
  • Your NISA
  • Your original prepaid account


I have seen German and Finnish cards where they had credit card and debit card in one and current account and savings account in one

(Yossi) #3

it’s fairly common in Spain to have both in the same card. Often when you go to a shop you can choose credit or “account” (debit). No way of doing that online though, where you can only choose by “choosing” one card or the other.