Multi-bank ATMs go on trial

Multi bank ATMs are being trialed, in reality only 2 banking groups are supported (LBG and Natwest)

Deposit and withdrawals and some other limited functionality

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LINK should be putting their energy into this rather than such a focus on Banking Hubs, in my view.

Banking Hubs only fulfil the same role as the Post Office.

“Reverse” ATMs work 24/7 and would be a useful alternative for paying in cash. A reciprocal fee scheme, much how withdrawals already work, could be set up quite easily.

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Isn’t the difference banking hubs will allow banks to have staff there on certain dates and such to deal with more complex matters or queries. Whereas Post offices they can’t do that it’s just post office staff

Yes, but I very much question the usefulness of that given that they wouldn’t be able to do anything more than what banks already allow over the phone and at “pop-up” sites, and the limited number of days would make it actually quite inconvenient in reality.

Customers would not be able to resolve complex issues, ask for meaningful advice or apply for new products. So pretty pointless really.

We’ve got a banking hub in our town. They just wanna show you how to use your banking app, much like all the bank branches did before they closed down.

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That’s pretty much what I thought they would be like - assisted self-service. Basically, teaching the elderly how to use their iPad.

They’ve had a facility to search for such ATMs on their Link locator app for years, but I’ve never found any on it.

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To be fair when I’ve been queuing in a bank 80% of the queue is people struggling with apps and such so it doesn’t seem that bad