Moving House - Broadband Question

(Andy) #42

Just depends on whether or not there’s openreach engineers in your area and diary space available when you place the move request. Some openreach exchanges only get visited once a week so just depends when the first space is.

Have they not confirmed a go live date/migration date for you?

(Simmy) #43

Yes they have, its next week.

(Andy) #44

Should happen then unless another fault is found

(Simmy) #45

Ok thanks !

The " fault " was because i requested the transfer for the 2nd January ( when my tenancy started ) but the line in the home i moved to is still active until the 18th.

So fingers crossed it’s sorted next week :slight_smile:

Luckily i’m able to use the previous tenants connection with my HomeHub until it transfers

(Andy) #46

If there’s already a live line then it’ll be an easy lift and shift shouldn’t be an issue, doubt they will do a visit either

(Simmy) #47

Yeah i already have one of the new " openreach " master sockets with built-in microfilters