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So with the upcoming current accounts, I have a question that maybe has been answered before, or if anyone has any idea how it’ll work: If I move abroad (UK to Spain), will I be able to keep my Monzo current account and use it in Spain? Also, once Monzo eventually comes to Spain, will it be a simple transfer to move to a Spanish account instead of British? Or will the one account cover all of Monzo’s supported regions?

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With the way that banking in the EU works (i believe. Feel free to correct me) you can open up a current account in any EU country and use them no matter where you live in the EU.
I might be wrong but that’s going to change quite soon

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Current EU rules state that you can open a basic payment account if you are resident of another EU country. The implication is that you must be resident of that country to open a full current account:

I’m not absolutely sure how this rule applies if you already have an account in one EU country and move to another, but when my Italian bank found out that I live in UK they told me I’d have to switch to a basic account.

UK Resident to non-UK Resident
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